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Written by Connie Rogers

As humans, we live, love, laugh and express emotions every day of our life. We experience consciousness through many avenues that allow us to change at any stage of our development. 
Basically, most of us disdain stagnation and are designed for growth.
In college, if we put our minds to it, we can achieve anything we set out to do. Such changes may include: lobbying for removing unnecessary dorm restrictions, finding new ways to filter plastic from our oceans, or, putting an end to animal cruelty in the cosmetic industry. We rarely listen to someone telling us, NO, when it comes to changes we are compelled to make.

A Masters Degree brings new data to help us form new opinions, eventually using our degree to achieve recognition, change careers, or improve social status.
Facts are, we change our brain daily, by the information we put into our bodies. 

When we are serious about making changes, whether it be dieting or drinking more water, the mind is on board and at peace with our decisions. If we are indecisive with irrational thoughts or emotions, excuses stand in the way of decisions!
There is nothing more serious than finding ourselves stuck, fat, and indecisive.

Obesity is a 147 billion dollar business, compromising mind, body health, most times with minimal success rates. Poor success rates from weight loss efforts are because fat cells have a mind of their own. Adipose tissue is now known to act as an endocrine organ. This tissue stores toxins, and so with obesity, we gain more toxins each year we are fat.

But wait there’s more. If we want to change obesity we need to change our mindset.

Obesity is a thinking disorder, and not just an eating disorder. 

Obesity in childhood can cause lasting arterial damage which could potentially lead to life threatening illness. The thinking of a child is whatever mommy and daddy are doing, I want to do.

As a nation, we've been fed misinformation over and over again, forcing us to become compliant and disempowered about the real causes of obesity, unwanted weight gain, autoimmunity disorders, depression, and more. For years, designer chemicals are allowed to be put in foods, air and water, that cause adverse changes in our mind and body, such as anxiety and digestive problems increasing distressing thoughts and fears. 

We've been lied to and told there is no WHY for numerous diseases, or better yet, we've been told if obesity, Alzheimer’s, or arthritis- run in the family-it must be genetic. AND, YOU CAN'T CHANGE GENETICS.
What if I told you- your DNA can be modified by your environment, and you have possibly already made changes in your genetics because of environmental changes. "Epigenetic research shows we have a greater potential to affect who we are, how we are, and even what we are. The phrase ‘it's genetic’ no longer means something is determined by forces beyond our control. In fact, epigenetics suggests that what happens in our body and what we pass on to our children could very much be a result of exposures.”

Think for one minute what the brain looks like before obesity sets in. We may be able to think clearly and children can have better test scores in school. 
However, when one suffers with obesity we can see symptoms of brain atrophy, lethargy, and poor communication skills. 
To make matters worse, depressed brains appear to have more limited and fragmented information processing abilities. 

Does size matter? Yes!  It’s difficult to follow a plan for health with a brain that’s impaired!  Moreover, statistics say by 2030, one billion people will be obese. Successful weight loss entails finding out what has caused a compromised and confused brain and immune system and how to decrease the assault.

So how can we decrease the assault?

To get to the heart of unwanted weight gain, there is a need to investigate corporations that promote toxins and obesogenic environments! To strengthen this argument, I have researched that governments can take an equity stake in BIG BUSINESSES such as Monsanto, Bayer, and others.

The environmental obesogen hypothesis postulates chemical pollutants are able to promote obesity by altering homeostatic metabolic set-points. These disrupt appetite control.” What this implies is man-made obesogenic pollutants pose a threat to human health and the obesity epidemic.

Toxins are psychologically and physically draining.

Facts are: Children are committing suicide as early as age 8 because of how obesity forms from accumulation of toxic exposures. We use chemical disinfectants and air fresheners- to cleaning and laundry products- that promote the illusions of clean, when in reality these are causal in obesity and depressive thoughts. We witnessed disrupted cholesterol levels in brains from statin medications, disrupted mineral and vitamins absorption from antidepressant side-effects, mood disorders from poor food choices, hormonal imbalances from chemical laden products, and addictions to sugar. Additionally, obesity and autoimmunity disorders can be a reaction from living with mold and chemical sensitivities.

*Mold can be found on roasted and salted peanuts, wheat products, cheese, refined sugar, coffee, tobacco, beer, wine, and chocolate.

*Chemical sensitivities include but are not limited to glyphosate intoxication, solvents, fragrances, pesticides, junk foods, and drug intolerances.

“According to Anne Steinemann, a professor of civil and environmental engineering and public affairs at the University of Washington, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) occurs mainly indoors from the use of common products.” A single fragrance in a perfume or air-freshener can contain a mixture of hundreds of chemicals.The reaction from these toxic scents leaves children and adults open to a wide range of chemical sensitivities.

Chemical sensitivities and obesity affects every organ and bodily system, including our brain.

Our brain and gut are participating in the endocrine control of whole-body development. This process includes communication between the brain, the cardiovascular, immune, metabolic, and other systems, as well as the gastrointestinal tract via the endocrine system. The developing brain from the neuron formation to the establishment of the blood-brain barrier functions is a multi-potent endocrine organ.

What changes can you make today to keep your mind and body healthy?

*Stimulate your brain to feed your thoughts! You may want to dance or do some form of exercise at home to your favorite music. If you have an aversion to exercising in a gym, you can jog, bike, or swim for thirty minutes to 1 hour a day.
Make it enjoyable! Personally, I find it fun to include family members when biking or swimming! 

*Make a list of chemicals you use daily in your home. Then nix them one by one each day until they are gone.

*Remember, most children don’t want to be told what to do, they follow by example.

My passion, as a health coach, is to help YOU, the reader, design changes that keep you happy and healthy. Believing you can take a small step to assist your body to heal is in itself creating a powerful change.

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