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To boost your confidence

Written by Nim Veda

Mother Nature is amazing. She really is. How else can we explain her ability to pretty much provide us with the solutions to many of the problems we all face? One of these major problems is our debilitating lack of confidence.

Though many of us shudder at the thought of accepting and then sharing our flaws with everyone “out there”, a lack of confidence or even just feeling embarrassed about the way we look is something none of us should be ashamed of.

Let’s face it.

Every single one of us has our off days. It’s called being human! But this doesn’t mean we should learn to live with those dangerous, and often berating negative thoughts our brain can often throw at us.

Though being positive all the time is a work in progress for many of us, I think we can all agree that starting by ninja kicking negative thought processes to the kerb is a solid first step. Let’s see how Nature can help kick-start our confidence journey in more detail.


What we put in us is pretty imperative for our Confidence …

Apart from the obvious internal benefits consuming good food does for us, often our outer appearance is a reflection of our inner health. Good food not only ensures that we’re at our optimum health on the inside; the truth is that when we feel good on the inside, we look better because of it.

It’s kind of like how we glow when we’re in love, why we can’t wipe the smile of our face when we’re happy at work or that warm fuzzy feeling we get when our kids run towards us like they haven’t seen us for years after walking through the front door following a long, hard day at work.

It’s what we like to call here at Nim-Véda Australia the release of our Happy-Hormones. Good wholesome and nutritious Organic Food makes sure that our bodies get what they were always meant to minus all the preservatives, pesticides and manmade chemicals common day off the shelf foods may contain.

Recent research has suggested that the excess of Genetically Modified Foods or GMOs as they’re commonly referred to may have dismal side effects on our internal health.

What does this have to do with confidence? When we’re not at our best internally, chances are our confidence levels are going to be negatively affected naturally as well.  

Try sprucing up your diet with some nutritious organic and certified organic produce while limiting your intake of canned and fast foods. If you’re unable to cook with organic ingredients all the time, try a combination - attempting to cook fresh vegetables, fruits and meats more days than not and see the difference you and your family feel.

We’re sure you’ll feel happier and much more confident in your body as a result.

Use Natural Products as a Confidence Booster

If this one’s got you confused, just hold on for a couple of seconds. Natural Products (like foods) contain a limited number of chemicals and other harmful ingredients conventional products may contain.

As skin is our largest organ, it makes sense that what we choose to put on it would have a substantial impact. The pores on our skin are directly correlated with our blood stream which is why some of us blow up like blowfish if we come in contact with something our bodies naturally dismiss (commonly referred to as allergies).

This is Mother Nature’s way of telling you I don’t think so! Using natural products is like a Mother’s touch to a baby, non-invasive and tenderly loving – basically, it’s all the awesome stuff!

Why is this important I hear you ask? It’s important because skin that loves what you apply on it is going to display its appreciation with fewer breakouts, rashes, permanent scarring and oiliness.

This means a more flawless look that you’re going to want to show off with confidence and grandeur. Feel confident in putting your natural skin on display for the world to see!

Use Natural Oils to dissipate stress

Massage is one of those rare beautiful aspects of life. Most of us would have a hard time finding something that feels as magnificent as it does while being great for you too.

It’s like having a guilty pleasure you don’t have to hide. Basically it’s a keeper - like Ice cream on a cold winter’s day in front of a warm fireplace, except it’s good for you too! A win-win!

Massage has a plethora of properties that improve health, some of which include better blood circulation, improved flexibility and mobility, quicker rehabilitation of muscular injuries, reduced stress and much more.

Applying unique natural oils on your body is a wonderful way of targeting problems that may be affecting you at a particular time in life.

Unfortunately, the concept of massage has slowly been destroyed as a potential healing solution to one that many of us equate with extra money we don’t have to spend. However, there is now considerable evidence that suggests that massage may be a wonderful therapeutic alternative to many of the common day ailments we face. One that may save us money in the future as a precautionary measure instead of a cure (in terms of diseases such as stress going untreated for too long) and best of all, it’s one that is completely natural.

Massage is just one more reason to adopt some more organic based destressing mechanisms to give us some much needed confidence lifting.

Are you going to allow Nature to help boost your confidence?

Hopefully this article has given you a gentle nudge in the direction of Mother Nature. Nature is truly a wonderful solution for many of the problems we’re faced with, a never ending supply of healthy goodies we can all benefit from – we just need to use her with respect and a caring, sharing attitude.

Like every mother, nature’s here to help us to feel better about ourselves, one of the main ways to feeling confident in the skin and bodies we’re in, do you agree?

Let us know in your comments.

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