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Written by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

The rate at which technology is advancing often makes us wonder if we can actually keep up or if we will always be that one version behind. However, what if it is a technology that needs to catch up with us?

There is an assumption that being across social media platforms, having the latest tablet or phone will provide the most benefit to our lives and to our families. It is not uncommon to hear “back in my day when mobile phones didn’t exist…” to now being “kids, come watch TV and get off your phone.” There is no doubt something has changed, but have we?

The whole purpose of technology is about connecting – connecting to the person next to you and equally to a person on the other side of the world. Instead of being overwhelmed by what is “in”, focus on what will assist in the connection and type of connection wanted.

What it comes down to is the simplicity of communication. When we grew up making school friends was about “Hi, how are you” and an instant friendship was formed; in a lot of cases for years. Why does it have to be any different via technology?

Technology is a medium not the replacement of people. The intention remains the same; it is simply that the options on how have grown. However, the key is not to lose you along the way.

When it comes to our well being, maintaining a resemblance of balance and harmony in our lives it is often sorting through quick fixes and the latest gimmicks, with technology readily available for precisely this. Yet, it tends to fail.

The simple answer for this is because what we want and what we need cannot be resolved by technology but by ourselves. Technology can assist or hinder this depending on the approach we take within ourselves.

So, what is the answer? To be offline? To be online?

It is easier than that. Ask yourself these following questions and that disconnection from connecting will dissipate:

  • Why am I connecting?
  • What do I want to gain?
  • Am I prepared to be honest to myself?
  • Am I open to grow?

The purpose of these questions outlines your intention, your connection to yourself and the opportunity to truly connect. Only when you are open and honest with yourself will the technology you use provide you with a benefit worth pursuing. At the end of the day – it always starts with you.

How To Keep In Step With Advances In Technology? How To Keep In Step With Advances In Technology? How To Keep In Step With Advances In Technology?

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