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Written by Ahmad Fraij

In the June issue, we discussed how to save energy in the laundry, dishwashing machine and in the cooking appliances and in this issue we will discuss how to save energy in the lights, water heating and pools & spas.


  • Replace all old inefficient lights such as incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lights with high efficiency LED type.
  • Switch off the lights in the unoccupied rooms.
  • Use solar lights for the fencing and path lights.
  • Use motion sensors for the external outdoor lights, garage lights and shed lights to avoid forgetting them on all the time.
  • Use sensors or timers for security lighting to make sure they only come on at night time, or when they are needed.

Water Heating:

  • Reduce the length of showers and balance the water by reducing the hot water instead of increasing the cold water.
  • Use efficient showerheads.
  • Make sure the hot water temperature setpoint in the water heater is set at 60°C and not more.
  • Check the hot water pipes insulation and make sure it covers all external pipes and in good conditions.
  • Consider installing a solar hot water system to utilize the sun heat and reduce your energy consumption.

Pool & Spa:

  • Reduce the pool pump running time. Read the manufacturer's instructions or consult a pools specialist to advise the number of hours your pump should run.
  • Use a timer to control the pool pump running time.
  • Reduce the pool pump energy consumption by running it at the lowest recommended speed that still maintains correct pool hygiene.
  • Regularly clean your skimmer basket, pool pump basket and pool filter and keep your intake grates clear of debris.
  • Check your energy bill to see if you’re on a time-of-use energy tariff. If you are, set your pool pump to run during Off-Peak or shoulder times (usually night time), and not during Peak times during the day (unless you have a solar PV system).

How to Save Energy at Home How to Save Energy at Home

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