How to Save Energy at Home

How to Save Energy at Home

Written by Ahmad Fraij

In this issue, we will discuss the requirements for the house envelop to reduce energy consumption and how to use the curtains and shutter for energy saving. We will also talk about the standby loads, solar PV system and how to buy energy-efficient appliances in Australia. This is will be the last part of “How to Save Energy at Home” article series.

House Envelop:

  • Make sure that the windows and doors are sealed to prevent air infiltration and exfiltration.
  • Make sure that the ceiling is insulated with insulation that has the minimum R value stipulated in the Building Code of Australia.
  • Double-glazing your windows and skylights can help keep you warm during winter and cool in summer, plus reduce outside noise penetration.
  • Window films can be a cost-effective alternative to double-glazing existing windows.
  • Make sure that the exhaust fans has non-return damper to seal the duct when the fan is off and prevent air infiltration and exfiltration.

Remember, a well-sealed and insulated house is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Curtains and Shutters:

  • We need to use the curtains and the shutters wisely.  You should close the curtains during the sunny hot days in summer to prevent overheating the rooms and increase the load on the air conditioning unit, which leads to more energy consumption. In winter, we should open the curtains during the day to allow the sun entering the rooms to warm them up and also to switch off the lights. This will reduce the energy consumption of the heater and the lights. In winter nights, we need to close the curtains and shutters to prevent the heat from escaping to the outside and increase the load on the heater.

Standby Loads:

  • Switch off at the wall all the standby loads. When the appliance is off but in standby mode, it still consumes energy. Therefore, you should turn off at the wall; TV, TV box, printer, scanners, computer, microwave, phone and tab chargers…etc.

Solar PV System:

  • We recommend installing solar PV system at your house to generate electricity from the sun and reduce your electricity consumption from the grid. The solar PV systems usually supported by the government and have government rebates that you might be eligible for.

Buying New Appliances:

  • If you are planning to buy new appliance or replace an old one, then you should select the new appliance with high energy star rating. Most of the house appliances available in the market have energy rating and the higher the number of stars the more efficient is the appliance. Go to energy calculator to learn more about Energy Star Ratings.

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