Paul Hermann

Q1 - Quick Bio about yourself/experience as an Osteopath. (Q&A with Osteopath)

I became an Osteopath because I was fascinated by the detective style approach it took to the overall health of the person. I was always the annoying kid who asked “WHY”, and Osteopathy helped me find a job where asking ”WHY” is not annoying, and is actually the essence of what we do.

Q2 - Define in your own words, what as Osteopath is/does and what differentiates them from a Physiotherapist/Chiropractor.

All therapists are different, and all manual therapists have cross over. There is sometimes as much difference between me and another Osteopath as there is between me and another physiotherapist or chiropractor. I can’t speak for other’s therapist’s styles or beliefs, but I find passion and connection to the philosophies and beliefs of Osteopathy. We are all unique and complex beings, and to achieve and maintain health, we need all aspects of our complete selves to be taken into consideration.
Sometimes as an Osteopath I release muscles, address joint issues and other times I educate about posture, desk set up, hydration or stress. My job is to help the patient find the answers to their health imbalances. That doesn’t mean I have all the answers, but I will always help patients find them.

Q3 - Greatest achievement in 2017? (Q&A with Osteopath)

As a leader of the team at Stay Tuned Sports Medicine, my achievements are measured by their success. My success this last year was helping the people in my team, realise, establish and achieve their goals. It’s also one of the best parts of my job!

Personally, a three-year dream of mine came true in 2017. I was part of a volunteer project through our foundation, Stay Tuned for Rangas, which entailed going over to Borneo and helping the amazing team there, enrich the lives of the Orangutans and Sun Bears in their care.

Q4 - Your Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions to take with you into 2018?

  1. Eat less chocolate (he types while eating chocolate covered almonds.)
  2. Drink less coffee (yep there’s the empty cup of my 3rd one today on the desk!).
  3. Learn how to sleep in on day’s off.
  4. My beach volleyball coach would say, ‘swing faster not harder’.
  5. Make more time to cook.

Q5 - Where do you see Osteopathy in 2018?

The work we are doing with the CPG’s is really coming along and we are seeing them receive acknowledgement from industry leaders and groups. I see this being a springboard to help educate the public on the vast array of areas where Osteopaths have developed their skills, and to get greater recognition of these developments with insurance providers and governing groups. We have so much to offer and I see us getting greater opportunities to use our skills to help care for even more people.

Q6 - Your advice for anyone who wants to seek treatment with an Osteopath? (Q&A with Osteopath)

Osteopathy Australia is a great tool for anyone who wants to seek treatment with an Osteopath. I recommend checking out and clicking ‘Find Your Local Osteopath’. You’ll find the nearest one to you in no time! Alternatively, word-of-mouth is a great way of finding out a great Osteopath right near you. They may have been right around the corner the whole time!

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