Social media tactics

Social media tactics

Written by Sophie Richardson

Visibility. New customers. More sales. The benefits of using social media for a small business are endless.

However, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are also incredibly saturated, which means cutting through the noise and making your brand heard can be difficult.

In this article, I will outline a couple of tips for businesses to implement into their LinkedIn and Instagram marketing strategies. Ads and sponsored content are fantastic for increasing visibility with tailored audiences, but that’s another article entirely. This is going to focus purely on organic reach.


Share Videos - Particularly Reels

Traditionally, Instagram has been seen as a ‘photo sharing app’, where users build aesthetic feeds filled with beautiful images.

We are now seeing a move away from this, with the focus turning to Instagram as a video platform. For example, with Instagram Reels being extended from 30-second to 60-second videos in July.

What’s more, the reach with Reels is impressive.

If you haven’t already, try uploading a Reel for yourself and compare reach with other posts. This could be something as simple as a behind the scenes, a quick Q&A, or a day in the life of a small business owner.

Links In Your Bio

An Instagram bio is relatively short, and it can be hard to include all relevant links. This is where landing pages that can host multiple links come in handy.

Essentially it is a single link user click on in your bio, taking them directly to a page with other listed sites. For example, it could include direct links to your website, FAQs, recent blogs/news features, your online shop and so on.

As Instagram doesn’t host click-through links on individual posts, this is a fantastic way of simplifying the journey for users to get the information they are looking for, fast.

Having said that, it is essential to keep the links to a minimum; you don’t want to overwhelm your audience. I would probably advise keeping it between four to six links.

‘Instagram Shop’

‘Shops’ is an Instagram experience launched in May last year. It makes it easier for users to see your products through Instagram, as well as enabling them to purchase directly within the app. Users can even save a product and add them to Wishlist, returning to it at a later date, or send it to others.

The ‘Instagram Shop’ tab, available on the home screen, also curates unique content based on a user’s interests. It helps them discover new brands - including yours. In short, ‘Shops’ shortens the sales funnel, and makes your products and brand more discoverable.


Include Images With Your Articles

When uploading an article, for example a recent blog post, make sure you include an image. This could be a photograph or a creative graphic. With both, the aim is to draw attention to your post when users are scrolling through their feed.

Far too many brands simply pop in a link and hope it will be clicked on. Adding a simple visual is easy and highly effective.

Where Possible, Host Content On LinkedIn

This will not be relevant for every post - part of the reason brands post to LinkedIn is to draw their target audience back to the company website.

However, there are multiple reports that the LinkedIn algorithm favours content hosted on their platform. It makes sense - why would they want to divert users off their site and onto another?

Possibly the best way of doing this is when uploading videos, upload them directly to LinkedIn. This should increase reach and visibility, hopefully translating into new relationships and followers. Alongside this, continue using article links that take users directly to your website. A combination of both should see you reaping the benefits of increased reach and activity on your website.

Join Relevant Conversations

LinkedIn will often alert you to trending conversations within your niche, encouraging you to have a say.

This is an excellent element of LinkedIn for two reasons.

Firstly, joining these conversations positions your brand as an industry leader. By engaging and offering unique advice and perspectives, you position the brand as a knowledgeable authority figure to new audiences.

Secondly, this audience - the people engaging with the trending post - likely consist of your ideal target audience. Just by commenting, the brand is popping up in front of the very people you are trying to reach.

When joining relevant conversations, ask yourself this question: what can I add to this that hasn’t been said already? The key is offering a nugget of wisdom - and beating your competitors to it.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there is far more to consider when creating an Instagram and LinkedIn strategy, not to mention the benefits of the other social platforms we haven’t discussed here. But hopefully, this has provided a couple of useful tips that you can implement into your social media strategy today.

Social media tactics Social media tactics Social media tactics

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