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Is providing VALUE the

Is providing VALUE the same as giving LOVE?

Written by Claire Dunkley from Cluzie Clinic I run a holistic health clinic and academy to train other health practitioners. A lot of how I run my business is based on different experiences I have personally had that have tainted or influenced my decision on what experience I want my clients to feel. Below I have shared two experiences with…

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door handle and locking mechanism

Does Your Future Include

Buying or Selling a Home this Year? How to Sell and Buy A Home at the Same Time… Written by Eriks Draiska Every real estate transaction is different in its own way. Some real estate transactions are straightforward, while others are a puzzle and have several hurdles that need to be overcome. One of the trickiest situations that can exist in…

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The Real Meaning

The Real Meaning of Wealth

Written By Joe Zhou The definition of “Wealth” on Google dictionary is an abundance of valuable possessions or money. Now in the past, that’s what I used to believe, if I have money to buy a house by the beach, travel anywhere I want whenever I want, buy a nice car, among other things. So for me, at that time…

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What is Wealth - Finance

What is Wealth – Finance?

Written by Marguerita Cheng Some say wealth is the same as being rich. But being wealthy isn’t only about how much money you have. Like happiness, wealth can have different meanings for different people. It’s more than the money and possessions you accumulate. The quality of life you enjoy is a better representation of wealth than your salary. Instead of…

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From Little Things

From Little Things Big Things Grow

Written by Peter Horsfield We’re going to live a free life, a happy peaceful life. This means more to us than anything in the world. This is a story about freedom and every day doing the little but important things. About Paul Kelly’s inspiring and moving song about Vincent Lingiari Paul Kelly- From Little Things Big things Grow And Albert Einstein’s famous quote is “Compound…

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How To Pay

How To Pay Off Your Debts ASAP

Written by Peter Horsfield  It’s common knowledge that debt and financial problems are the number one cause for stress and worry in our lives. Recently I met with “Frank and Ernest” who had amassed combined total debts of $127,000 across their credit cards, home loan and personal loans.  Frank told me that they expected to be debt free in fifteen…

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