Written By Joe Zhou

The definition of “Wealth” on Google dictionary is an abundance of valuable possessions or money. Now in the past, that’s what I used to believe, if I have money to buy a house by the beach, travel anywhere I want whenever I want, buy a nice car, among other things. So for me, at that time success and wealth were super connected. 

After many years of self-growth, the definition I had on this matter started to change. Today, I believe that to build a wealthy life you have to consider 3 different aspects. The first is for sure your money, the financial security that we all look for, the second is finding a purpose, passion in life, you should have dreams and goals you want to reach, excitement and the last and third, is a having balanced and healthy Mind, where we should all be aware of our thoughts, and present in every real situation. To create The Real Wealth you will need them all, all of them connected.

Now let’s talk about each topic a little bit more deeply:

Financial Security:

For me I understand Financial security as a feeling of financial freedom, not depending on count with what I spend, not worrying about how much money I am making because it is enough to pay all my bills and expenses, and I also have enough money saved for any unexpected events and to reach certain goals, but just this won’t bring you a long term Happiness

Living a Dream:

We should wake up in the morning having a strong reason to start the day, do something that matters and take action that will give us a sense of fulfillment and exhilaration. Too many of us are acting like robots, stuck in the system, with no big dreams, purpose, and expectations. All of us should do the internal work needed to understand what truly drives us, what makes our hearts race and adrenaline flow. Meditation is a great and effective way to do so.

The Mind:

Now, in my opinion, this is the most important aspects and you will have to learn how to keep it under control. Training the mind to be present and aware of unwanted thoughts is a hard challenge and will take you practice, but in the end, it will become a healthy habit. Our mind can be very tricky with us sometimes letting the ego in control of our thoughts, but once it is trained it will give you all the answers you need, how to make the best out of your money, and it will help to find your real-life purpose. The mind is very powerful and we just have to learn how to use it.

So to conclude, the true meaning of Wealth is the connection between the three aspects of life, financial security, life’s purpose, and healthy mind harmony. All three combined you will find greater happiness. It worked for me.

The Real Meaning The Real Meaning The Real Meaning

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