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Which Messaging Platform

Which Messaging Platform To Use

Written by Kareem Tawansi So, we’re now in the roaring twenties, with technology in every aspect of our life; some helps us and some hinder us. And I can’t think of an area where this causes more confusion and uncertainty than, which damn messaging platform do I use? From SMS To Messaging “In the olden days”, we used to just…

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What businesses can learn

Facebook’s Media Ban, Lessons To Be Learned

Facebook’s Media Ban Lessons To Be Learned Written by Sophie Richardson At the end of February, media giant Facebook made the decision to remove all news from its platform. A few days later, they reached an agreement with the Australian government, and news content was reinstated. While this quick turnaround is a relief to many, it raises some important considerations…

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Navigating the labyrinth

Navigating The Labyrinth Of Social Media Platforms

Written by Aida Rejzovic, Sassy Organics The key to social media success is to avoid getting lost in the labyrinth of the many different media platforms. Keep it simple, and focus on how you can use one or two platforms most effectively to increase the visibility of your personal business or brand. Before you set up your social media platforms,…

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How To Amplify

How To Amplify The Energy You Spend Online

Written by Jessa Lewis How do you know where your genius lies in business (and life) when you show up on social media and beyond? In this day and age with hundreds of social media platforms, website options and more – how can you know where you are going to get the most bang for your buck or, know what…

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Ditch the Social Media

How to Ditch Social Media

For improved relationships with your family Written by Carolyn King from Empowered Happiness We all know our time is precious, and even more precious is the time we spend with our family and those closest to us.  Relaxing with family is a great way to not only recharge our own batteries but also encourage stronger connections with those we love.…

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Using Social Media

How To Use Social Media To Help Children Learn

Written by James Burnett Just ‘google it’ is something many parents say to their children every day. Information found online, especially through social media platforms, is often the primary source for kids when preparing school assignments or completing homework. With such a vast array of information and material offered through social media platforms, it can be difficult to navigate all…

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Navigating the Labyrinth

How To Navigate the Labyrinth of Social Platforms

How To Navigate the Labyrinth of Social Platforms Written by Joe Zhou Social media has taken over our everyday lives. It’s as if you’re ‘missing out’ if you don’t have at least one, but typically more social media accounts. While social media is a great way to stay in touch with those near and far, is it all that it’s…

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Become A Parents Who Knows

Are You A Parent Who Knows What Is Out There?

Written by Vicki Radford Parents usually understand the idea of bullying in the playground, where one child repeatedly mentally intimidates or physically harasses another child, but cyberbullying can be a different story. If you were born before the 1990s, you’ve probably never experienced cyberbullying at school because nothing was online then. Cyberbullying is different from bullying because the bully doesn’t…

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Internet Safety Tips

Top 10 Internet Safety Tips

To Keep Families Safe Online Written by Marguerite Cheng The internet is an extraordinary place. Kids, teens, and adults can find joy and countless hours of entertainment day and night. Unfortunately, dangers lurk everywhere, and they’re not always easy to spot. Protecting you and your family when sharing events and pictures, researching reports, or playing games online is crucial. From…

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back of router with cables

Simple Ways To Get Tech Savvy

And Find Your Families Perfect Outdoors Adventure Get Tech Savvy Written by Victoria Radford Getting outside with the kids can often be a challenge. Finding time to do things is only part of the puzzle to getting about and about. Our new world full of technological advancements can often work against us too. On the flip side though, we now…

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