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Written by Jessa Lewis

How do you know where your genius lies in business (and life) when you show up on social media and beyond? In this day and age with hundreds of social media platforms, website options and more – how can you know where you are going to get the most bang for your buck or, know what type of content is going to give you an edge?

  • Are you meant to be a writer?
  • A video editor/video star?
  • Do you have that creative eye?
  • Is your on trend commentary the secret?
  • Do you even have to be social?
Most of all - what is going to make you stand out and, close the gap between where you or your business are today and where you want to be 6 months from now, a year from now or a decade into the future? Click to Tweet

We could look at statistics today of the different spaces or talk about your niche or algorithms in-depth but, regardless of all these analytical facts, one thing is always more important than the rest. And that is - you.

You’re the key ingredient for maximizing the results that will come from whichever place you choose to use as a springboard for your online success and, for the manner by which you show up there. So, let’s consider a strategy that respects your integrity, your values and your intentions as well as one that makes you happy and feels in alignment.

There are literally 10,000+ different ways to do business and life online and ways in which to use social media and more to amplify your business reach. Some of these are going to suit you specifically and others will not. What’s new and fabulous isn’t necessarily going to be compatible.

Just because other people are sending daily/weekly/monthly emails to their subscribers, using Facebook Groups or webinars, Instagram or LinkedIn etc. does not mean that these exact same places are going to serve you.

Just because other people are posting X number of times, being unprofessional or professional, swearing or not swearing, using ads or being organic, repurposing or being original with all their content – again, it doesn’t mean that matching their methods will serve your highest self.

What will serve you is tuning in and identifying the platform(s) that resonates with you and using content strategies that allow you to be your authentic self. Because it is your authenticity and your energy that will attract your following and your clients.

Because guess what? People are generally attracted to more than just the bottom line or product when they follow and ultimately purchase with someone. An important part of the process is what they feel, how they’re inspired and whether or not they can identify with the human element of what is on offer. If you consider the last dozen purchases you made, brands you are loyal to or accounts that you recently followed – you will likely notice the same.

What Is Your Ideal Online Space?

An easy way to identify which platform otherwise resonates with you is to get clear on what your best basic content style is and what that ties into nicely. So, sit down, get settled, take a deep breath and ask yourself the following:

  1. What do you actually like doing when you jump online? Each platform is slightly different in the way in which content is produced and the way in which users engage.
  2. Who do you intend to help or connect with online? Platform audiences do vary and whilst with all the main platforms there IS almost guaranteed to be an element of your people on there (because of the sheer volume of people), some places will be skewed to whether the majority relate to your message or not.
  3. Which platforms actually feel fun to be on? Have you played around with any yet? If not – start. Get a sense for what you are naturally drawn to.

And to help you, here are some of the characteristics of the main social media platforms to consider:

PlatformGood forNoteworthy aspects about audiencesNormal Engagement RateBonus Features
Facebook PagesWritersMost people - over 2 BillionLowYou can have your Services, Shop, substantial About details, Instagram, YouTube and more as tabs on your Facebook page. Links into your Instagram account allow you to draft IG posts and IGTV episodes within your Facebook Creator Studio.
Facebook GroupsSocial PeopleN/AMediumHigh engagement rates. Great for building communities.
YouTubeVideo EditingMost people looking for How-To videosLowVideos will show up on Google search results. Doesn’t necessarily require daily content to make an impact. Good for How-to and Viral content.
InstagramCreativesSkewed more toward FemalesLow-MediumPosts can be cross-posted on Facebook and Twitter which increases reach. Instagram Stories and IGTV episodes with previews posted have a higher reach capacity than general posts. Influencer Marketing thrives here.
PinterestCreativesSkewed more toward FemalesHighLong term posts. A pin can continue to earn traffic months or even years after posting compared to a post on Facebook or Instagram which is generally no longer seen in feeds after 24 hours.
LinkedInWritersSkewed toward Higher Income EarnersHighCompany Decision Makers are often users. Relatively easy to become trending. Only 1% of a user's post.
TwitterOne-LinersInterested in trending News or Political itemsLowYou can cross-post from Instagram, LinkedIn, your blog and most other socials. Original content does work best, however.
TikTokVideo Editing/CreativesYounger audienceHighHigh viral content capability. Influencer marketing thrives here. Comedy, original content and artistic endeavours work very well.
MediumWritersEstablished audienceLowUnder the radar

Secondly, How To Show Up

A beautiful practice that I use with my clients to be guided to what to post/what not to post, which content, marketing or launch strategies to use and which to avoid is to do the following:

  1. Above all else, find moments of stillness and ask yourself if what you’re doing/about to do feels good and felevating or not. If you believe in something, if something brings you joy, if it comes from a core place of ease (even if at a surface level it’s occasionally trying), if you feel right in something – that will translate in the way in which you put your message out there and the way in which it is received. If your energy doesn’t back what you’re doing – your audience, readers, listeners and potential following are going to feel that too.
  2. Consider how you act and talk around your best friends and family – those who you feel most comfortable around. Are you silly, a comedian, the life or the party, full of profanity, dark, dreamy, intense … The weird and wonderful sides of ourselves that come out around those we are closest to are the reasons they were interested in us in the first place. There’s a beautiful saying by someone I don’t recall that goes a little like this – When you trying to offend nobody you won’t stand out to anybody. And it’s true – the more we dull ourselves down online to fit in, be compliant, be like everyone else, avoid the haters – the more beige and uninteresting we ourselves end up appearing. And, surprise surpise, on the internet – somebody is ALWAYS offended regardless of how you try best to play by every single persons rules. You will always be too much or too little for some but your true self will be just right for the ones that were seeking you in the first place. Let them find you, let yourself stand out from the rest by actually being all that you are and the same person you would be at a party full of your besties.

If that means using profanity, baring all, posting about your family alongside your business or being unprofessional then so be it. And vice versa. Don’t do something because you’re jumping on the bandwagon or because it’s on-trend, do it because it allows your personality and uniqueness to filter through.

Transparency and individuality are the best tools on your belt.

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