Find Your Fearless

Find Your Fearless

Written by Lisa Cox

Fearlessness has become the hallmark of empowerment, to have the courage to pursue what you truly want and disregard the expectations others hold over you. Many of us believe that only the louder, bolder people can step into fearlessness and achieve success. For the shy woman that prefers the limelight, stepping into positions of power where they command respect can feel unnatural and uncomfortable but does this mean that leadership positions are off the table?

My name is Lisa Cox, I am an author and public speaker working to change the way disability is represented by the media. When I was 24, I had a brain haemorrhage, like a stroke. It was caused by a nasty infection (Streptococcus-A) that I mysteriously contracted. I barely survived the ordeal and now have several disabilities to mark my body’s endurance. My road to recovery required enormous rehabilitation efforts and I had to learn how to live with my new limitations, which include being over 25% blind, epileptic, an amputated leg, fingers, toes, and several health conditions, like osteoarthritis. I’m not telling you this so that you can feel sorry for me, but during this recovery time I found a way to connect with my inner lioness.

My disabilities have led me down a new career path and I have a whole new set of goals and ideals. I love the life I have built around my challenges, I have learned how to thrive with the use of tools - like a wheelchair. Here are my thoughts on finding the animal inside of us, for me, it means nurturing my inner lioness.

Psychologists say that stepping into your true self is not so much a process of finding yourself but rather a process of shedding everything that isn’t authentically part of you or your values.

It means not accepting the way others may have labelled or judged you and releasing the expectations of others that don’t align with our personal values and goals. What will you find underneath it all?

Your inner lioness might be quiet and thoughtful, loud and commanding, or witty and friendly, there is no single definition because each of us is unique. When you connect with your inner lioness, a few things start to change and you find yourself looking at challenges differently.

The lioness is resilient and she takes on challenges. Even if she’s gentle, she’s more tenacious because each battle she picks is one that truly matters to her, she saves her energy for the challenges that mean a lot to her. But being courageous doesn’t always mean you win. It doesn’t mean you’re not afraid, either. Fearless doesn’t mean fear-never, it just means learning how to do the scary things while you’re still afraid and with enough practice, they become less scary. The lioness perseveres through the fear because she has made a calculated move and has her eye on a target.

A lioness also values her pride, her community. She is safe when she feels accepted, loved, and supported. Having family and friends around us is important to our success. Relationships that allow us to feel safe and engaged give us the courage to be bold and turn challenging events into opportunities for growth rather than leaving us traumatised.

In return, the lioness is protective of her loved ones and longs for them when she is separated from them. COVID has dictated that we endure separation and it is both natural and normal to struggle with this current reality. 

Living in line with your true values is the greatest act of fearlessness. You risk disappointing other people and being seen as demanding, even when you remain respectful. You can feel fear and do it anyway. You can make mistakes. You can fail at your goals. You’re still a lioness for as long as you pursue the values that matter to you. 

Find Your Fearless Find Your Fearless

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