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banana cake vegan on striped blue plate

Vegan Banana Cake With Coconut

Vegan Banana Cake With Coconut Topping The perfect dessert to use up those old bananas you cannot eat anymore! Mixing bowlCake Tin Cake1.5 cup plain flour1 tsp baking powder1 tsp bicarb soda3 bananas (overly ripe)1 tbsp ground cinnamon3 tbsp brown sugar1 cup soy milk (Any other milk of choice is absolutely fine)1/2 tbsp vanilla extractCoconut Sauce2 cup coconut milk1 tbsp…

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white bowl of granola on wooden board


There are many granola recipes, all purporting to be the original or the best. Though the thing I like most about granola is the ability to customize it to my specifics, and this recipe is pretty much how I prefer it. Just like me you need to make your own additions, subtractions or renovations to this recipe to stylize it…

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spoonful of peanut butter

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats A delicious and nutritious way to have oats in the morning. 90 grams uncooked oatmeal250 ml plant-based milk60 ml plant-based yogurt Combine all ingredients in a bowl or container and stir until well mixed.Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator overnight.Remove in the morning, stir again, add any desired toppings such as fresh fruit, granola, or nut…

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raw oats in a white bowl

Oats- Ingredient Feature

Written by Kevin Kapusi Starow Or also knows as the Common Oat is a cereal crop grown predominantly for its seed, of the same name. Oats are grown primarily as stock feed, though most of us, and I count myself in amongst this group, are under the misguided idea that they are grown just for us. Though of course Oats…

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young boy listening to blue headphones

Listening to your body and your mouth

Written by Dr Jeffrey Kestenberg Patients who attend the dental clinic with symptoms that they have persisted with for several weeks, months and even years, repeatedly surprise me. Your body is telling you something when you experience pain, discomfort, itchiness, sensitivity to temperature change, a burning sensation, dry mouth or swelling. If you see redness or bleeding of the gums,…

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Seedlings in tubs in greenhouse

Get Your Body into Gardening

Written by Annabelle Drew Did you know that gardening is a great tonic for your body? Those who are regular green-thumbs will intrinsically know this, but so many of us in this modern, busy world have not experienced the benefits of spending time working our green spaces. Garden Equals Nature Essentially, your garden is a patch of nature and there…

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Hello! It’s Me, Your Body here, Are you Listening?

Hey, it’s Your Body and Here’s what Happens to Me Each Day. Written by Sally McGrath Wake up, move you around, get you started for your day, talk, exercise, eat, walk, think, work, play, read, listen, run errands, make plans, deliver presentations, do projects, meet people, socialise with people, smile, laugh, cry, get stressed, get anxious, study, cook, clean, wash,…

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Woman in black sports top, from behind

The Goldilock Method

Written by Louka Kurcer Many years ago, as a young Coach used to work at the local Crossfit gym, with the “no pain, no gain” mentality. Although I disagreed with many of their workout methods, I still learned valuable lessons about what not to do. Many of their workouts consisted of the popular “AMRAP” (As Many Rounds As Possible) where…

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woman in active wear relaxing

Listening to your body, what it needs and doesn’t need

Written by Michael Dermansky Although it is easy to get wrapped up in the latest trend of what is “good” for you, what is going to cleanse you or contradictory scientific and medicine information, which often looks at one aspect of health in a large population rather than the  overall health of one individual, knowing what is important and what…

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woman with prosthetic arm with hands on face

Are we dumbing down our senses?

Written by Claire Dunkley from Cluzie Clinic When we think about our human senses, we commonly think of five: taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch. If we want to be really woo woo, we may consider intuition as a sense as well. These five senses are very tangible ways in which we assess our environment. Our brains take in this…

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woman's lips painted blue

The Art of Listening to Your Body

Written by Connie Rogers, a Certified Integrative Health Coach As human beings, we seem compelled to help others. Just watch young children when they are around each other on a playground, or adults in the role of caregiver, or young men when they notice an elderly person needing assistance. While it is noble to help others, we may neglect ourselves…

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B&W image of woman in underwear

How To Recognize The Signs Of Burnout

Written by Katie Lowe (BA, GradDipPosPsych) Life can be exhausting! Balancing a career; study; love and relationships; children and family; up keeping a house; cooking; exercising; maintaining your physical, emotional and mental health; friends and a social life; leisure; and all the other things, can be quite the juggle. ‘Burnout’ is when you reach the point of physical and emotional…

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