Mother and daughter stretching on floor yoga

Yoga for the Family

Written by Sarah Milano One of the oldest practices in the world, yoga has been changing lives for thousands of years. Originating in ancient India, yoga has spread to other countries in recent years as a form of body conditioning. Unlike many typical exercises, yoga is a multi-faceted exercise that conditions all three parts of your being: the body, mind…

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parents and children walking hand in hand

Making Exercise a Family Activity

Written by Sarah Milano As a parent, you are the one that sets the fitness example in your home. If you don’t partake in physical activities then your children, most likely will grow up not partaking in physical activities. This can result in myriad of health problems including obesity, and it really stifles the essence of being a child. The…

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Exercise for the Family

4 ways you and the kids can get fit together Written by Aidan Whitehurst Exercise. It’s the Rubik’s cube of our generation isn’t it? There always seems to be something more pressing to do, especially when there are kids in the picture. Sometimes it can feel like the only physical activity we get is the exasperated arm waving that accompanies…

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What is Wealth?

What is Wealth?

Written by Clint & Aimee To us, wealth is not about the stockpile of cash in the bank and items we own but is about the abundance of happy memories and experiences we have, as well as the relationships we hold dear. Christmas time is often filled with spending time and money on accumulating gifts and decorations, and while those…

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young asian boy with glasses

Maximise Your Child’s Talents

Written by Dr. James Zois Ever noticed how easily some people can learn new skills? I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “he’s just a natural.” But perhaps the answer is not as simple as you think. Perhaps it has more to do with the type of learner you are and less to do with “your natural ability.” Let me explain…

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woman at desk with two monitors

Proven ways to perk up your posture

…… and prevent those pesky pains Written by Cherie Rivas Do you remember way back when you were a kid and your parents and/or grandparents were constantly reminding you: “sit up straight”…. “don’t slouch in your chair”….  “chest out, shoulders back”…? Do you ever feel any physical sensations, (now that you’re an adult), like an aching back…. tension in your…

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3 women jumping outside near lake

(Re)Finding Your Healthy Balance

Beyond the Festive Season Written by Cherie Rivas Let’s be honest…. the Festive Season has the power to derail even the ‘healthiest’ individuals…. and whilst we always have the best intentions of getting ‘back on track’ right after New Year, sometimes we can end up in the middle of February before we even realise that our eating and exercise patterns…

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man on back supporting woman in air

The Delicate Art of Balance in a Busy World

5 Ways to Stay Grounded, Healthy & Whole Written by Camille Lucy According to the Yoga Journal, “in physics, the three essential elements of balance are alignment, strength, and attention. Alignment of the body with gravity is crucial; it makes balance physically possible. Strength gives us the power to create, hold, and adjust alignment. And attention continually monitors alignment so we…

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summer fun waterfights

Energizing the Family for Fitness

Written by Marguerita Cheng Getting your family off the couch is tough. When you add in smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets, it seems impossible. But don’t let that deter your efforts! You know exercise is essential for your family’s health. From lowering risks of disease, controlling weight, and helping kids perform better in school, it has many benefits. With…

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Get more energised by using nature

Written by Clint Bauer Working with children on a regular basis and often spending time with my niece and nephews, what I find energises them the most (and us!) is spending time in nature. Why is nature good for family fitness and getting active? (Get more energised) For one… it’s free to use!  That’s a pretty good reason right there!…

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family walking in the field

Building a Healthy Foundation for the Entire Family

Author: Cherie Rivas Let’s face it…. regardless of whether you’ve got one child, a whole tribe of kids, or you’re still in the planning stages…. you want to be an actively engaged parent and build a solid foundation that supports the health and happiness of each family member. Mums and Dads will already know, that once kids become mobile, you…

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out camping with eggs and map

Fun Ways to Get Your Family Active

(and Why It’s Important…) Written by Annette Rose It’s no secret that in 2019 we are all trying to fit more in – technology has given rise to an era of ‘always on’ affecting us and our families in ways that are not all positive. I can work from the time I wake up till the time I go to…

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family jogging by the sea

Energizing the Family

Written by Joe Zhou Any opportunity to spend quality time with your family should be taken advantage of. Doing activities together and sharing laughter during an afternoon is something that is priceless. Happiness and family health are two things that go hand in hand. What is fitness? (Energizing the Family) Fitness is a way of being what will help you…

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