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Written by Cerise Canon

When thinking about taking a beach holiday, swimming in the warm summer sun is usually the first thing that comes to mind; however, it need not be the focal point of a beach holiday. Although wintertime is not typically synonymous with beach holidays, there are so many reasons why having a winter beach getaway or day trip with your children is the perfect way to spend a winter break.

Empty beaches, magnificent views and a relaxing environment provide the perfect backdrop for your family fun without the usual price tag or crowded spaces.

Experience the coast from a new point of view

When the crowds disappear, the beach is pared back to its natural state, enabling local flora and fauna to thrive. Waves crash as winter storms brew and only a scarce amount of people take to the beach to walk their dog, ride the waves or walk along the seashore. 

The sudden quiet open space is the perfect setting for families to walk along the shore and view the different seaweed species, collect driftwood and find treasures. The empty winter beach is a stark contrast to how it looks during the bustling summer days. 

See things clearly

Suddenly beach car parks are empty, local lookouts are free of people and wildlife has the space to come out and enjoy the open air. The quiet winter season makes it easy to spot wildlife, enjoy unobstructed views and explore the local environment.

Many migratory birds arrive during the winter and call our most beautiful destinations home. The serene winter environment allows you to stop and see them in their element in a unique way that only the winter season provides. Sea creatures such as shellfish and crabs are more easily spotted, and a plethora of seaweed species wash ashore. Without the crowd, families can easily see and experience all of this easily.

Get your body moving

Without the sweltering weather, you can finally comfortably exercise at the beach. Check out local walking and bike tracks and take in the views they offer along the way, chase seafoam across the sand, roll down (small) sand dunes), play ball games, fly a kite and play chasey. Children can burn off some steam and experience the beach in a whole new way rather than swimming.

Make it a learning experience 

Seaweed is a vital element of the ocean's health. Children can learn about the different species they spot and strengthen their knowledge of the crucial job seaweed has while away using websites such as

Continue your search on the beach by looking for treasures, identifying seashells and looking out for scurrying sea creatures. Check with your local council before collecting shells, as some local councils don't allow fishing or flora and fauna to be taken from the environment.

Get to know the local community

Once the winter winddown begins, locals have the opportunity to relax and enjoy their community and surroundings by throwing BBQs, organising nature walks, running community markets and trying local eateries that are usually packed during summer. Visiting a beach town during this quiet season makes it easier for families to enjoy a more authentic experience with locals and gain insider knowledge of the area rather than hitting up tourist-filled hotspots.  

Learn about the land's history and heritage

Get to know your favourite seaside towns in a way you wouldn't usually have the opportunity to by exploring the local arts, culture, and heritage hubs. Head to local galleries and museums, join tour groups and visit local historical sites. The knowledge held within these places will enrich your family's holiday and develop a deeper connection with these coastal towns. 

Breath in the crisp coast air

It can be near impossible to slow down during summer at the beach. The stress of finding a nice spot amongst the heavy crowds, searching for parking and watching the kids in the sweltering sun can halt your unwinding plans. Instead, take advantage of the calm and quiet the winter offers at the beach, breath in the crisp and salty ocean air and relax while the children search for treasures, play ball and build sand sculptures.

Become explorers

The expansive landscape of a quiet beach is the perfect place to spur on imagination and exploration. There is so much to discover, with fossils still being found at beaches around the globe. Take the children on a treasure hunt to search for artifacts and fossils. You never know what you may find! scavenger hunt, bird and wildlife watching, beachcombing

Save some pennies

Winter beach holidays or day trips are a cost-effective alternative to summer beach stays. Accommodation and activity prices are generally reduced across winter and sometimes offer great family deals to entice holidaymakers. 

There is no need to hibernate and stay indoors during winter. Throw on your winter woollies and head to a blissful beach holiday. While it seems counter-intuitive to holiday at the beach during winter, this can be one of the most joyful times to do so. Time to schedule that next adventure!

You will feel like the whole beach belongs to you and your family with scarce crowds. 

Beat the Winter Blues Beat the Winter Blues Beat the Winter Blues


  • Posted June 16, 2021 1:40 pm
    by Melissa

    Being a Winter person over a summer person I absolutely love this article, Winter at the beach is such an amazing experience and more people should get out there and experience it.

  • Posted June 4, 2021 9:07 am
    by Curtis

    I’ve never really thought of doing this.. ill have to give it a try for my next little get away, thanks!

  • Posted June 1, 2021 1:59 pm
    by Matt

    Fantastic read…Love the beach in winter!

  • Posted June 1, 2021 1:21 pm
    by Candice

    Great piece. Absolutely love the beach in winter!

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