I Want to Talk to a Human!

I Want To Talk To A Human!

Written by Kareem Tawansi If you ever talk to a tech investor, you’ll probably hear words like “unicorns”, “J Curve” and “Scale”. These terms all come from the concept of putting money behind a company so it can grow to a ridiculous size and the investors can make buckets of money. And one way to do this is to commoditise…

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Virtual Appraisal

Virtual Property Appraisals

Written by Eriks Draiska Covid restrictions seem to have complicated our lives across Australia. If you are thinking of selling here’s something to make life easier. What Is A Virtual Appraisal? Simply where a Qualified Real Estate Agent assists in giving you a likely value estimate without physically being present in the property.  Do I Need A Virtual Appraisal? You…

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Technology is here to stay

How To Protect Your Technology

Now & For The Future Written by Rachel Allan, marketer, coach, author and mum. Technology has changed the way we manage our life. Most of us have a smartphone in our pocket. Our smartphone is full of apps that manage so many different aspects of your life.  Technology is making our lives easier. It is also moving so fast it…

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Fight Technology

4 Hacks To Protect Yourself & Your Family Online

Internet Safety 4 Hacks To Protect Yourself & Your Family Online Written by Victoria Radford Stranger Danger used to be all about making sure kids didn’t talk to strangers on our way home from school or get into anyone’s car just because they were offered a lolly. It seemed easier to understand the idea of a physical person trying to…

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man with bionic arm

Artificial Intelligence In Our Homes

Written by Vaibhav Shah If you are a fan of science fic movies just like me, I guess Artificial Intelligence is something that would pique your fascination. Take the example of JARVIS from Marvel’s franchise Ironman. The smart AI system who manages everything for the protagonist – Tony Stark. From assisting him when he’s out to save the world to…

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social media adverts on wooden table

15 Apps You Need For A Work-Life Balance

15 Apps You Need For A Work-Life Balance Written by Victoria Radford We live in a wonderful world where parents are constantly told, “You can do it all”. When it comes to achieving work/life balance, however, without the right tools it can sometimes feel like we are pushing a shopping trolley up a hill. I recently went back to work…

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