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Written by Eriks Draiska

Covid restrictions seem to have complicated our lives across Australia. If you are thinking of selling here’s something to make life easier.

What Is A Virtual Appraisal?

Simply where a Qualified Real Estate Agent assists in giving you a likely value estimate without physically being present in the property. 

Do I Need A Virtual Appraisal?

You don’t have to, an in-person Appraisal is usually still available to you, should you wish! Call your agent, to do so now.

However, a Virtual Appraisal is convenient for a number of reasons.

  • Given Covid 19 restrictions, the Virtual Appraisal assists in the Social Distancing required and is very much a hands-off approach. It is particularly useful if you or a family member is concerned about any health issues
  • If you are not in a hurry and want a more accurate idea than an Online Automated Valuation, the Virtual Appraisal is ideal
  • If you are in a hurry, want an idea of value, and get started in Marketing, all this can be achieved virtually and contactless, very quickly and conveniently
  • You have close friends, family, or elderly relatives concerned about their health, who own a property and need your support or they do not possess the technology needed to make this happen
  • You live in the country, a remote or rural area where there’s often a lack of reliable real estate services.

Step By Step Virtual Appraisal

There are a number of options available to you. It is similar to calling family or friends on a video call.

  • Dial-in – chat with our experienced sales team to understand the latest performance in the market with comparable sales to get an indicative estimate on your property.
  • Choose a Walk-through using your smartphone with either Messenger, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp. This is done in real-time with a member of our team using your smartphone.
  • Social Media – use technologies such as Facebook and Instagram live, to walk-through in real-time with a member of our team

What Do I Use?

As this is internet-based, you’ll need good Wi-Fi, the NBN, or an Internet connection with a compatible device.

This could be a Smartphone, Mobile Phone with Working Camera, Tablet, iPad, Laptop, or another device that you can comfortably use to walk around the property with.

Then it’s a matter of choosing your Preferred Application from those listed above and informing us when you are ready.

Ensure a working copy of the Application is loaded on your device. They are free to download from the App Store or Google Play Store.

If you have not used any of these Apps previously, please test it with friends or someone who can assist you to set it up comfortably to ensure it works correctly for you.

What Do I Need To Provide?

  • Write down ALL of your questions, whether on a writing pad or electronic device, but not the one you will use to show us around
  • Locate your house or land, building or site plans as appropriate, Water & Council Rates Notices, and anything else you deem important
  • Note down the improvements, additions, repairs & maintenance items that you have done over time
  • Specify anything unique or particular about your place
  • List the local amenities, features, and benefits of living in your area, bus stops, parks, schools, shopping, and so on
  • Advise us of anything else we need to know: Is this for a relative or friend? A deceased estate? A divorce or separation? Are you in a hurry, Just getting an update for renewing insurance, or just curious? It does not matter which it is, we’ll simply tailor our proposal to suit you and your circumstance. We treat everyone the same, ie respectfully, professionally and courteously, not just the ‘same’, same

How Does It Works?

  1. Book a Virtual Appraisal with your agent just the same as you would book a face-to-face meeting, completing the Form on their website, Send an Email, Call them or Click their Messenger Button.
  2. They should send you a confirmation with a Before Appraisal email after speaking with you. This should have a link to another comprehensive page of information for your benefit
  3. They will contact you, on your preferred Application, at the agreed Time & Date
  4. A preliminary discussion will follow so they understand fully what it is that you are looking to achieve from the Virtual Appraisal. You want to know that they ‘Get it’
  5. You will give them a Grand Tour of your own property, investment, or family’s property that needs your help
  6. They should take comprehensive notes as you go around and point out to the various features and benefits the property has & they should ask questions along the way to make sure they do not miss anything
  7. They ought to have an open and frank conversation where they ask further questions and you can question them to ensure all your queries and concerns that you wrote down are answered in full
  8. They must thoroughly discuss the other things you wrote down in the above list
  9. If you like, they’ll offer advice to assist you in preparing to sell if that is what you wish to do. This may include decluttering, updating, or painting the property and have trusted service people to assist
  10. They will also discuss a price guide comparison to relevant recent sales in the area and give you a full update on the current state of the Real Estate Market
  11. Marketing will be discussed in detail as this is the Secret Sauce to get your property sold for top dollar.

What Next?

If you are happy with everything and wish to proceed to a Sale then they will send an Electronic Agreement containing the details discussed via Email.

They can provide one-on-one coaching via video or phone to ensure you fully understand the paperwork and E-signing of documents.

If you prefer these can be sent via Courier, Post, or we can Hand-deliver them to you.

Does It Matter Where I Live?

As long as you have Internet access, this can also be done.

So, if you are considering a move when our world is disrupted, here is another way to keep it simple and give you some peace along the way.

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