Written by Kevin Kapusi Starow

You hear about antipasto, and tapas, though perhaps are unsure of how to do it at home. Jamon Grissini with Truffle Mayo is a simple to prepare option for any antipasto or tapas menu. You can choose to either make your own grissini, or purchase a pre prepared one from the grocer. Feel free to hit us up for a free grisini recipe, just email us your request and we will get it through to you.

Jamon Grissini with Truffle Mayo is a basic recipe if you cannot get your hands on truffle paste. You can use something else, such as chipolte pepper paste, citrus, or any number of alternatives. In our recipe we take you through the process of making the mayonnaise. Though again if you are not comfortable, a store bought option can work too.

Jamon Grissini with Truffle Mayo

Written by - Kevin Kapusi Starow
Easy and tasty snack idea, great for summer time to bring an alfresco feel to your dining.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Aioli Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Snack
Cuisine Italian
Servings 6
Difficulty Easy


  • Immersion blender
  • deep container



  • 2 Egg Yolks
  • 1 Lemon - juiced
  • 2 cl Garlic - grated fine
  • 120 ml Grapeseed Oil
  • 60 ml Truffle Oil
  • 20 gm Truffle Puree
  • Salt


  • 12 Jamon - slices (thin), halved lengthways
  • 24 Grissini - thin



  • Blend together the egg, and garlic.
  • Gradually add the oils till the aioli thickens to the desired consistency.
  • Add the puree and mix thoroughly.
  • Season to with the lemon juice, and fill into a sauce bottle.


  • Wrap a half slice of jamon around the top of each grissini stick.
  • Arrange the grissini on a platter, and garnish with a liberal amount of Aioli, and garnish with a selection of herbs.
Keyword Grissini, Jamon, Quick, Summer, tasty
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