Kicking Multiple Chemical Sensitivities In The Butt!

Kicking Multiple Chemical Sensitivities In The Butt!

Written by Connie Rogers Health Coach Health & Brain Health Coach

As a health coach for 19 years and skin health expert for 45 years, my passion is all about getting the toxins out of our homes, workplace, diet, skincare, and gut. What I have found to be true is what we use on a daily basis brings us closer to sickness or health. Sadly, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities can present on the first day of life, or show up at age 50 with early symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

On a personal level, I have worked at removing multiple chemical sensitivities from my life for as long as I can remember.

In my father's house, we had mothballs in our closets, lead and chlorine in our water supply, mercury in our teeth, and coffee, milk, jelly donuts, pizza, pasta, and coke syrup were staples in our refrigerator. Summertime was spent in chlorinated pools and we drank from the backyard hose. My father drove a smelly old Ford, where carsickness stuck after ½ hour of trying to hold it. As a child, I suffered from chronic ear infections, swallowed a ton of antibiotics, and one August morning, at five years of age, my tonsils were removed along with my other siblings. Years after consuming an abundance of antibiotics for ear and other infections my gut said, no more. After my last treatment of intravenous Vibramycin at age 31, I kept my promise.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Can Begin Before Birth 

Beginning in utero, babies are exposed to what mothers are eating and drinking. Cravings may include sugary treats, coffee, and doctor recommended dairy products. She may also rely on OTCs such as Tylenol for headaches and 'stool softeners' for bowel movements. Tylenol use in utero has been associated with symptoms of ADHD in children. (1)  Additionally, stool softeners have been associated with diarrhea in newborns, and an electrolyte disturbance called an electrolyte disturbance hypomagnesemia, (2) meaning low levels of magnesium.(3) 

Caffeine can also deplete magnesium balance, and imbalances may show up as lower than normal brain function.

At four weeks gestation, skin is already composed of two layers, the periderm, and basal epidermis.(4) Unfortunately, a mother's poor dietary habits while pregnant can pass through her gut to her baby. During my pregnancy, I craved brownie-sundaes and drank coffee. My son was 10 pounds at birth, his skin was covered in rashes, and in his first 30 days he vomited after each feeding.

Food pollutants, such as sugary desserts, can ravage our skin and harm activity in baby's developing hormones and even teens' changing hormones. "Hormones influence the development and function of human skin, which also produces and releases hormones.”(5) Sounds confusing? That's because the skin, the nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system are not independent systems but are closely associated and use the same language of neurotransmitters.(6)

 "Neurotransmitters/central nervous system function can be harmed by chemicals, pesticides, fragrances, and solvents.” All triggers for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Even anxiety disorders in children can develop from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.(7)

So What Does Our Gut Have To Do With MCS?

 Multiple Chemical Sensitivities are the end result of a high toxic overload on the immune system, skin, brain, nervous system, and gut.

An abundance of antibiotics, for instance, are given to the animals we eat, leading to antibiotic resistance.(8)

Leaky Gut Syndrome and colitis are just two of many illnesses found to destroy the delicate balance of our microbiome and are likely to play a role in  Alzheimer's, MS, and cancer. These illnesses are characterized by a high amount of allergic symptoms and inflammation brought on by many chemical exposures, nutritional deficiencies, and an abundance of medications leading to gastrointestinal disorders. These increase the body's toxic load, harm the immune system, and keep the nervous system hyper-stimulated. (9-10)

What Can You Do?

First, removing Multiple Chemical Sensitivities has everything to do with being able to think well in order to be well. Simply put, what can damage our ability to think well is poor water quality and pesticide exposures. For example: Mothballs are a toxic pesticide that can lower our immunity, our skins immunity, and damage our brain function. You can remove these from your home.

Secondly, an inflamed gut plays a role in inflamed skin and sinuses. Attacking our sense of smell creates a sensitivity in the brain, opening the door for early Alzheimer's. We can avoid fragrances, heavy duty sinus medications, and chronic use of antibiotics. Probiotics, meaning life, is a way to feed good gut microbes. They are made for children and adults. (11)

Third, a cocktail of chemicals and EMFs rob us of our personal power and lowers our body's electrical balance. "Electromagnetic fields can be dangerous not only because of the risk of cancer, but also other health problems, including electromagnetic hypersensitivity.”(12) We can lower our exposure of EMFs by shutting down wi-fi in our homes for twelve hours at night.


1- Thinking Well at any age is dependent on reducing chemical exposures. "Chloride added at many sewage treatment plants can react with organic matter in the water to form chlorinated hydrocarbons, many of which are also known to cause cancer." 

 "Additionally, over a thousand different toxic chemicals have been found in most public water supplies, including pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, and polychlorinated biphenyls, just to name Imagea few." Glyphosate, a herbicide poison, is found to contaminate our drinking water and our food supply, creating antibiotic resistance. Glyphosate disrupts our Integumentary system, increasing oxidative stress and opening the door to autoimmunity disorders. (13)

We can help eliminate toxins in the foods we eat, by purchasing organic produce and organic gluten-free products.

2- Skin is the body's first line of defenseSo what are some everyday poisons that can damage our skin and increase our risk for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities? Below are just a few.

*Volatile Organic Compounds. Formaldehyde is a VOC and can be found in our homes inside perfumes, some fabrics, cigarettes, pesticides, paints, and glues. Formaldehyde increases our risk for irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin.(14)"There are a large number of volatile organic compounds also found in our child’s bathwater!” (15) 

*Heavy metals can be found in cigarettes, skincare products, and vaccines. (16) 

*Sodium lauryl sulfate is an irritating chemical that can damage the skin by drying it out and injuring hair follicles. It can even cause permanent eye damage in children. The use of lauryl sulfates in shampoo could be a factor in why babies and the elderly get cradle scales on their scalp. 

Instead of exposing our skin to multiple toxic exposures, we can purchase and use organic skincare products and organic essential oils.

3- 5G disrupts all organs.

5G technology can stress our skin, gut, and brain.(17) Some symptoms of 5G poisoning include headaches, earaches, skin rashes, and stomach aches. “5G mobile networking technology will affect not only the skin and eyes, as commonly believed, but will also have adverse systemic effects.” (18)

We can take a small step to remove multiple cell phones, televisions, and computers from our homes. We can break our dependency on technology by growing our own private food garden.

Remember what we eat, drink, breathe, bathe in, and/or frequencies around us will either nourish the 75-100 trillion cells with oxygen, micronutrients, water, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, and more or contaminate the cells by the slow poisoning of the bloodstream. Only you can improve your health. I did.


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