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Written by Claire Dunkley from Cluzie Clinic

There’s got to be a better health solution to drugs and surgery.

With government research indicating that around 2 out of 3 Australians have used some sort of complementary therapy recently, clearly the offerings of mainstream medicine don’t always hit the mark.  Let’s explore the status quo for most medicos, and then let’s also take a peek at why this method often leaves people searching for something better… and what that something better might be.

Current Medical Situation

How often have you had the experience of going to your local GP and the solution for whatever ailment you have is a prescription for a drug or pharmaceutical to treat the symptom of what is occurring.

If it isn’t a prescription, then it is very often a referral to a Specialist to look at the particular body part  that’s causing the problem in isolation. Once at the Specialists appointment, how quickly does the conversation turn to a surgical solution.

Don’t get me wrong, Doctors are doing the best they can however they have it tough as they see patients in a very short timeframe, are heavily regulated by governing bodies about what they can and can’t say/do/recommend. And let’s not forget that for many of them, their medical education has been paid for by pharmaceutical companies.


A person gets knee pain. They head to the GP to get a referral to a Physio. Physio works on strengthening exercises specific to the knee and recommends Voltaren or another anti-inflammatory. If the knee pain continues, the person goes back to the GP for a referral to a knee specialist. Knee specialist can then recommend a knee replacement – a horrific and brutal surgery. The person is then in rehabilitation for months and pain-relief drugs until the knee degrades again and requires another replacement in ten years’ time.

This seems to be the status quo in specialists’ rooms across the country

Three Things Wrong With This Paradigm

One: Symptom Management Versus Root Cause

When the health solution focuses on the symptoms being experienced in that one area, it is like a band-aid solution – a masking of the issue. So, if the knee pain is covered up using Voltaren / Panadol / Nurofen, the person feels better because they are pain-free, but this so-called ‘solution’ is not addressing or fixing the root cause of the issue. Thus, the knee pain will come back once the band-aid solution is not being used. The hamster wheel of using pain medications to ‘mask’ the pain can also have negative side effects like stomach ulcers or kidney damage from sustained use.

This is the same for surgery – it is a symptom management response. I.e., it is removing the symptom of the knee pain rather than working out why the person had knee pain in the first place and correcting that.

Two: Specialist Body Part Versus Holistic Health

When any body part is looked at in isolation to the rest of the body, the information being studied is only a small part of the entirety and can be misleading. This is like reading only one chapter of a tennis book on how to perfect your backhand stroke and then registering yourself for a grand slam.  It’s not gonna happen with only one ‘trick’ in your bag.

In the human body, lots of systems work together. For example, the cardiovascular system (heart / arteries / veins), the lymphatic system (human waste removal / immune system), the endocrine system (hormones), the muscular / skeletal body parts (knee / arm / back etc) etc. All of these systems work together to make up the amazingness of the human body. If there is an insult or injury to one of these systems, then most likely another system is affected too.

If only a knee specialist is involved in the health solution, they may not look at the rest of the body to see the whole picture of how and what is affected.

Three: Prioritisation of The Body’s Health Systems

What is not common knowledge, is that there is a method which prioritises or ranks the dysfunction or pain a person is feeling across their entire body. What this means is that there is a hierarchy associated with each of the body’s systems, and each is addressed in turn to ensure the whole body and the root cause of the ‘presenting’ problem are addressed…even if it means starting with a part of the body that is not experiencing the ‘pain’.

By starting with the part of the body that has the highest ranking in the body’s hierarchy (rather than where it ‘hurts’), all of the body’s interlinked systems are addressed, from the most important to the least important.

For example, emotions aka stress, rule all systems in the body and needs to be worked on as top priority if there is an issue there. Many people have heard about how anger can show up in the liver or grief shows up as issues in the lungs.

The second most important system of the body is the lymphatic and liver system. However, how often have you heard about the lymphatic system from a health professional as the cause of pain other than lymph nodes being raised in the neck when you have the flu? I’m betting not that often, which is crazy given the importance the lymphatic system has in our total wellbeing.

The lymphatic system is basically your body’s sewerage system. It consists of lots of lymphatic vessels (like blood vessels), your lymph nodes (like the ones in your neck), your liver and a few other little glands and organs. There are enough lymphatic vessels in each person’s body to go around the world FOUR times … so that’s A LOT!

There is a lot of fluid in your lymphatic system and it should be flowing and clean. Every night as you go to sleep, the lymphatic system goes to work, cleaning all of the toxins out of the body so that you can poo or pee them out. So, when your lymphatic system is overloaded, that system doesn’t work properly. The fluid gets all thick and gluggy and doesn’t flow properly. This means the waste in your body just can’t get out, festers and makes you worse. It is also your body’s immune system which when clogged, can’t fight infection.

Interestingly, when using the hierarchy methodology to address overall health and wellbeing, the least prioritised system are all the muscles, joints and ligaments… which is weird when you consider that this is exactly where do specialists look if you have knee pain. They focus on the muscles and joints and how are they working. However, a problem could show up in the knee that is actually the result of, or caused by any of the higher ranked body’s systems that have not been looked at and have had issues for ten to twenty years.

lymphatic system diagram

The New Health Solution Therapy

Introducing the new-age health practitioner, open-minded and educated in cutting-edge, innovative new medical technology therapy that revolutionises the results for their patients. This therapy is called Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF). Health practitioners (physios, Drs, chiros etc) who have included ANF therapy in their already excellent toolbelt, are getting never before seen results for their patients.

Why is ANF therapy different?The health practitioners who are trained in the hierarchy of dysfunction for the prioritisation of the body’s systems that I’ve described in this article, are now able to find the root cause of somebody’s pain (rather than just treating the symptom). This way they are looking at the body holistically and providing a health solution aligned to system prioritisation.

What are these ANF medical devices?Working directly with the nervous system, Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy utilises frequency-emitting ‘devices’ (they look like little round band-aids) to reboot nerves that have been compromised through injury, illness or disease.

But don’t let their simple look lull you into thinking they themselves are simple.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Imagine your body is like an Internet connection. When it’s performing optimally… it’s like super-fast NBN. If your body experiences injury or illness… and your nervous system isn’t properly receiving messages from your brain… it’s more like dial-up on a rainy day. Then a virus hits and it’s like a storm has taken out your connection altogether.

“We’re all familiar with an ECG which measures the electrical frequency of the heart.  What many people don’t realise is that our whole body is made up of these types of electrical currents, all operating at different frequencies.  Just like a defibrillator resets the heart’s rhythm or frequency, so too does ANF therapy ‘reset’ the other frequencies inside the body through the strategic application of specifically charged ANF discs that are applied to specific locations around the body,” explains Claire who has been nursing for over 20 years and is Oceania’s most senior ANF practitioner and trainer.

Every organ and tissue in your body has a specific resonance frequency, when they’re operating at their best. ANF discs, carefully applied by your practitioner, work with each nerve cell to remind the body of the frequency where it performs optimally… enabling the body to copy the frequency… and thus the affected area will begin to self-regulate and self-heal. This in turn reduces inflammation and pain, and returns the body to optimum function and balance.

Developed by internationally renowned therapist Dr Mikel HG Hoff, ANF uses ground-breaking science, technology and methodology - without the need for any drugs, chemicals or intrusive treatments. NASA developed materials, combined with thorough clinical examination and diagnostic techniques, assist in healing the body at the source of pain and inflammation.

Because we’re working at a cellular level, ANF therapy is quick to act and offers long lasting results. Patients may experience up to a 50% reduction in pain within 15 minutes, transforming physical and sporting performance while reducing pain and inflammation.

Being TGA registered, ANF Disc Therapy gives patients a way of allowing their body to regulate itself and heal from the inside out, which means sometimes surgery that the patient was expecting, can be avoided altogether.

Health Practitioners trained in ANF Therapy will be the ‘go to’ health solution providers in the future due to the phenomenal results they can achieve. 

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