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Restore Electrical Integrity

Written by Connie Rogers Coach

"What happens in one minute, at both the macro level (the Universe) and the micro level (within the human body)? In one minute, the Earth, weighing about 1000 trillion metric tons, travels about 1775 km/min in its orbit around the Sun." "In this one minute, the average human heart contracts about seventy-five times, pumping through vessels, using a colourful menagerie of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, swathed in ultra-rich liquid nutrients. A sturdy cocktail of a couple of trillion antibody molecules completes this highly technical and successful surveillance of our entire system. (1)

Synchronously, nearly ten trillion bacterial cells make up a human's microbiome. These microbes aid in their host's digestion and nutrition and represent an extension of their immune system. Looking beyond ourselves, microbes are found in Earth's crust, its atmosphere, and the full depth of its oceans and ice caps. The estimated number of microbial cells on Earth hovers around a nonillion (1030), which outstrips imagination and exceeds the estimated number of stars in the Universe." (2) 

Holistic Doctors and health experts agree imbalances in microbes and depletion of electricity are precursors to about 80% of disease while changing our mindset surrounding the health of microbes means we are in the driver's seat for preventing illness.

"According to Dr Zack Bush, the disease is something that emerges from a weakened body. We must recharge cellular energy to return to a stronger state."

Recap: Knowing how to restore electrical integrity and embrace health is for everyone, regardless of age or current physical condition.

Food Is The Doorway To Living Well 

Changing our mindset surrounding diet helps us remain open to making better choices.

Humans have an intimate relationship with food. Food is love, soothing, passionate, alive, and somewhat fashionable, and presentation can appeal to all our senses. Ahhh.

However, most start their morning with bottled O.J. and coffee. We believe these drinks increase energy levels. In the long run, it's not likely. Orange juice has a crystalizing effect on joint and bone health, increasing pain. A high caffeine diet can exhaust adrenal glands creating a decline in fat burning. Caffeine can also harm our microbes, blood sugar, and insulin levels. Coffee can stimulate the production of aggressive, irrational, and illogical behaviours." (3) Coffee beans and oranges can be sprayed with a variety of herbicides. And, according to the FDA, 59% of our food contains pesticides! Yuck.

Recap: Consuming a western diet (i.e., sugar, coffee, bottled juices, gluten, and soy) and topping it off with an abundance of stress doesn't come close to living well. 

Changing Our Love Affair With Sugar 

"According to Larry Berkelhammer, when a hurricane is raging around us, we may find ourselves searching for ways to regain control. If we understand how our physical experiences depend on our mental activity, we can change our addictive nature. This is key to restoring electrical integrity." 

For purposes here; SUGAR is the hurricane. Click to Tweet

The processing of sugar keeps us sick, fat, toxic, and depressed. "The cultivation and processing of sugar produce environmental impacts through the loss of natural habitats, intensive use of water, heavy use of agrochemicals, discharge, and runoff of polluted effluent and air pollution." "Bias and conflict of interest in scientific studies about sugar led to environmental pollution, higher rates of bankruptcy, and death by disease such as Alzheimer's, diabetes, and cardiovascular." (4-5)

Gluten/ wheat sugary products alone can be responsible for bone and joint pain, skin disorders, leaky gut, brain fog, depression, obesity, poor metabolism and autoimmune disorders such as M.S. 

“According to Dr Tom O’Bryan, the chronic inflammatory disease begins in the (leaky) gut. Dysbiosis is about an inflamed biome. And, leaky gut is an inflamed biome. Simultaneously, gut inflammation will lead to an inflamed brain.” Therefore, it shouldn’t be a guessing game to see the connection between poor gut microbes, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and autoimmune disorders. Childhood obesity plays a causative role in inflammation, joint pain, hormonal imbalances and low energy levels. (6) Facts are most holistic and naturopath doctors believe the gut is the epic centre of autoimmunity disorders. Today children from about age seven to ten years old are not only diagnosed with fibromyalgia but also chronic anxiety. (7) Unfortunately, stress morphs into other issues within the body leading us, in the know, to point the finger at poor gut microbes.

According to Dr Zach Bush, "We can take a section of the brain, genetically sequence it, and we find out there are thousands of species of bacteria and fungi that are in the human brain when it's healthy." Without microbes, we would not exist. Genetic sequencing of healthy human brain tissue has confirmed the presence of microbes that assist, rather than threaten, neurological functioning.”

In the circle of life, the gastrointestinal tract is the largest endocrine organ in mammals, secreting dozens of different signalling molecules, including peptides.” (54) “Gut peptides enable indirect gut-brain communication and are essential regulators of microbiota-gut-brain signalling in health and stress-related depressive psychiatric illnesses.” (8) Remarkably, peptides help us perform better and sleep sounder.

Recap: If we ignore our gut microbiome, obesity, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune and cardiovascular disorders may cut our life short.

What Blocks Electrical Integrity In Our Children

Physically- children are more vulnerable to an abundance of toxic foods, clothes, and household cleaners, increasing their risk for adult diseases.

Sociologically- children are exposed to a technology-based disconnected world. They have too much screen time and not enough outdoor time.

Emotionally- most children lack direction, nutrition, and support, leading to malnutrition and bullying. “In 2020, Australian children had higher rates of suicide, than years prior.” (36)

Physiologically- children are more than ever vulnerable to brain ageing and gallbladder disease blamed on an increase in obesity. (36a)

Pharmacology- children are over-medicated. All the pills in the world can't compensate for a grossly negligent diet and complete lack of activity. 

Medicating Emotions

Seventy years ago, being treated with antidepressants didn't exist. Today, from AM to PM we seem conditioned & controlled between our cravings for caffeine, sugar, and junk foods, to Ritalin, Prozac, amphetamines, and sleeping aids. If the body is working on only 30% of the optimum amount of nutrients… we can’t expect brain function to be optimal or medications to work correctly.

According to Dr Daniel Amen, "emotions and mental health are tied to how a child's brain is functioning." 

Within the last few years, doctors seem to hand out methylphenidate or Ritalin like it was THE CURE ALL for emotional stress, depression, or uncontrollable outburst. According to a study in the U.K., from 2015-2021, for kids ages five to twelve, one in every twenty children were placed on ADHD medications, thinking that it would help a child improve his or her concentration levels, and communication skills. (9) In children, abuse of these drugs can break their brains and shorten their lifespan. Sadly, more brain-altering prescriptions are written for children in foster care, where they end up losing their voice along with their emotional and physical health.

According to Dr Peter Breggin, the brain of a child cannot be bathed in neurotoxins without short-term and long-term damage. These drugs, similar to cocaine, predispose the brain to neurodegeneration, obesity, and insomnia." (9a)

Fluoxetine, the commercial name is Prozac contributes to symptoms of psychiatric disorders, while early-life SSRI exposure could lead to long-term chronic SSRI exposure during adulthood." (10) "Each capsule contains ‘other’ non-medical ingredients that may harm gut microbes, such as silicone, titanium dioxide, D&C Yellow No.10, FD&C Blue No. 2, hypromellose, propylparaben, sodium propionate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and starch. (11-12)

“Fluoxetine, an antidepressant, may induce undesirable effects, such as anxiety, sexual dysfunction, sleep disturbances, and gastrointestinal impairments. Unfortunately, this drug has been viewed as an agent that interferes with cell fate and increases cancer risk." (13)

Recap: Make certain to weigh all drug benefits against risk. Truly successful treatment means not taking prescription medication for years.

About 90% Of Serotonin Is In Our Gastrointestinal Tract

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter. So just how does food affect neurotransmitters? According to Dr Richard Wurtman at MIT, who is involved in numerous studies on nutrition and the brain, the nutrients in foods are precursors to neurotransmitters, and depending on the number of precursors present in the food we eat, the more or less of a certain neurotransmitter is produced." 

In my research, children are finding ways to drink alcohol at a younger and younger age. The earlier a child consumes alcohol the day they are on a path of disempowerment and sickness, disrupting emotions and neurotransmitters for life.

I am no stranger to teachers pushing these pharmaceuticals seemingly for the best interest of my child. Fortunately, I was homeschooled after that. What I’ve learned since is SSRIs can actually be dangerous for the brain in some children and linked to aggression or suicidal tendencies. My child was 32 years when his doctor talked him into a trial of SSRIs to see if it would work for him. After a week, he called me and cried: “I can’t sleep, feel really bad and I hope this will all be over soon.” My heart sank. He immediately stopped the trial and implemented better eating habits at my request.

Recently, studies found the theory of depression is flawed! A new research effort in July 2022 based on the serotonin hypothesis has not produced convincing evidence of a biochemical basis for depression. This is consistent with research on many other biological markers. We suggest it is time to acknowledge that the serotonin theory of depression is not empirically substantiated."(14) 


Fortunately, science agrees; our gut can modify our mind! Levels of neurotransmitters in the brain change when surrounded by a good gut microbiome. Findings conclude as a nation we are not better off taking drugs and therapeutics if what is needed is to remove toxic exposures in our gut. (15) 

Recap: Changing our mindset on medicating emotions means looking honestly at the abundance of pharmaceuticals offered to our children. Like me, I'm sure you've seen broken families and broken lives lost to the drug industry. 

Synthetic Biology

In the last 50 years, in countries around the world, we've witnessed firsthand a Devaluation of our Food Supply with Genetically Modified Organisms/G.M. Today, GMOs' new name is Bioengineered food.' B.E. Food'

B.E. Food is a Synthetic Biology/an application of genetic modification that involves the practice of changing an organism such as yeast or algae so that it makes a substance that does not usually occur in nature. The process requires artificially created DNA that mimics naturally occurring DNA in other organisms. Corporations want to increase Bioengineered food because their campaign is to feed the world. What is interesting is that GM/'BE foods include spraying pesticides and herbicides which disrupt gut balance and increase autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer's, and cancers. (16) 

In the past few years, corporations have also decided to solve the increasing demand for proteins by putting crickets and other insects in flour, saying it's suitable for the elderly, protein deficient, and climate change at the same time. In my opinion, this way of corporate thinking is a fabricated manufactured concern they immediately have a manufactured solution for. In reality, forcing insect powder into our food supply without our consent is not about a lack of protein or climate change. (17) We have farmlands sold to the highest bidder and dairy industries told not to sell their products. Side effects from eating insects may induce allergies, brain fog, and airway inflammation. (18) 

Recap: A controlled population has always been centred around the country’s food supply. Non-degenerative dementias could be due to endocrine disruption and chemicals in our food supply causing metabolic, nutritional, toxic, infective, and immunological disorders. (19) 

The Glyphosate© Dilemma

Because glyphosate is widely used on plant and animal crops, humans have experienced adverse effects on gut microbes. (20) “Evidence shows glyphosate impacts our health with endocrine disruption, host immunity, obesity and diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular disorders, and central nervous systems dysfunction such as learning and memory impairment, anxiety, depression, and more.” (20)

There are tons of products tainted with glyphosate, some found in our favourite fast food restaurants serving fried chicken, sodas, burgers, and French fries.

Besides unwanted hormones and antibiotics in our food supply, industrial waste include plastics fed to cows. The manufacturing of polymers and plastics derived from petroleum feedstocks is synthetics. (21) 

Recap: When we change our mindset surrounding toxic exposures, our brain, gut, skin cells, and metabolism rises accordingly to the new standard we set.

Mad About Plastics!

Plastic pollution is about allowing toxins to change the climate inside our bodies. This pollution includes gut and brain pollution which directly interferes with the body's ability to balance hormones or boost immunity.

Are you wondering why it's so easy to gain weight and how difficult it is to energize yourself enough to work out? Industrial Plastics could hold the answer to that question.

Several substances produced by synthetic biology are currently used in consumer products, including our food, cosmetics, fragrances, pharmaceutical products, detergents, and more. (22) 

1. Xenoestrogens are certain industrial chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system and change human estrogen levels. Xenoestrogens are found in plastic containers, makeup, parabens, DDT, and other industrial chemicals and are linked to cancers and low testosterone levels. These damaging effects are seen in human fat cells, diseased fish, reptiles, birds, and more.

2. Diisononyl Phthalate, a flexible plastic, is used in children's toys. Side-effects include cancer and severe or irreversible chronic health effects including kidney and liver toxicity." (23) In August 2022, federal regulators proposed adding a group of plastic additives common in toys, flooring, and fabric coatings to its list of ‘toxic chemicals’ concluding that it can reasonably be anticipated to cause cancer and severe or irreversible chronic health effects in humans.”(23a) The ruling by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) affects DINP, a family of phthalates widely used as plasticizers. The decision comes twenty-two years after the EPA first proposed adding DINP to the list, known as the Toxics Release Inventory. (24)

3. Breast Implants and facial fillers contain plastics. Ladies, you may want to think twice about getting breast implants.

*Silicone Breast Implants have led to chronic autoimmune thyroiditis. (26)

*The main mechanical side-effect of hydrogel-filled breast implants is deflation. Rates of deflation of pre-filled hydrogel implants are higher than pre-filled saline implants. (27)

*Polyacrylamide is an injectable material for cosmetic procedures, particularly augmentation. "High rates of  Hydrogels complications were reported including pain, infection, and breast cancer." (25)  


Hydrogels (plastic) have been developed for use as drug delivery systems, coatings, soft contact lenses, and wound dressings. (28) 

Hydrogels are constructed of acrylamide units.

 When hydrogels break down, they release potassium acrylate and acrylamide. Acrylamide is a lethal neurotoxin found to cause cancer in laboratory animals. It readily passes through the skin and can be inhaled as dust. (29)

Are you at risk for acrylamide exposure? Acrylamide is found in plastics, drugs, skincare, and foods such as potato chips, French fries, cereal, bread, and crackers. (30) On a larger scale, entire ecosystems are at risk as acrylamide is water-soluble and can easily enter watersheds. Increased and indiscriminate use of polyacrylamide hydrogels is an extremely serious hazard to human health as well as the environment. (31) 

Plastics, Imbalances, Psychosis, & Migraines

Acrylamide, is a neurotoxin and hazardous waste product. (32)

Benzene, is used in detergents, drugs, pesticides, soft drinks, and adhesives. Benzene can be found causal of migraines. (33) 

Bisphenol A or BPA is found in water bottles. "Exposure to endocrine disruptors like bisphenol-A (BPA) has been linked from cognitive impairment to autism. Concurrent with these developments, schizophrenia research has continued to find evidence of possible endocrine or neuroendocrine involvement in the disease." (34) 

Coal Tar Dyes, are neurotoxins found in hair dye, dandruff shampoo, toothpaste, and more. Coal Tar/P-phenylenediamine, is derived from petroleum. (35)

Mineral Oil, a derivative of petroleum, is found in printing inks, baby oil, cosmetics, and contaminated foodstuffs. Studies found mineral oil to increase our risk for skin cancer. (37) The oral administration was found toxic to the prostate, revealing a potential to act as an endocrine disruptor. (38) 

PBDE are environmental pollutants found in flame retardants, including children's pyjamas and baby's bedding. Also found in indoor dust and foods. (ie. fish, meat, dairy products) Possible adverse health effects focus on their potential endocrine-disrupting action and neurotoxicity. (39) 

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) "increases the risk for aggravated asthma-like symptoms. Leaches into the environment, soil, groundwater, and atmospheric environments globally."(40). “A plasticizer used in many commercial products. Creates an immunosuppressive effect of DBP through impairment of immune cell function."(41) DBP is also found in nail polish and human fingernails! (42) 

Recap: Plastics are detrimental to our body's electrical integrity.

Those Plastics We Wear

There is energy in everything we do, feel and connect with. This includes the clothes we wear.

Over the past few decades in Australia, “organic and natural textiles, like cotton and wool, have been eclipsed by synthetic fibres. Over half of clothes made and discarded each year now feature a polyester, a textile fibre that draws on chemical, toxic and finite resources, including crude oil in its manufacture. If we include other synthetic (plastic) textiles – like acrylic, nylon, and elastane – that figure sits closer to sixty-five per cent. Polyester is the only fibre over the past twenty years to have increased its market share. Like other plastics, synthetic textiles generate a range of diverse environmental dangers to our health and environment.” (43) 

“Polyester is a synthetic /plastic material in clothing. Tight polyester clothing significantly interferes with diaphragmatic breathing. Sadly, washing these toxic clothes pours tons of poisons into our wastewater and rivers.” (44) And if that's not enough to change your wardrobe, remember toxic clothing can directly affect physiology and skin health. 

Recap: Your clothes may be tox-sick. Research states synthetic materials, thermoplastics, and wrinkle-free clothes can be filled with carcinogens. Children can suffer the toxic effects of flame-retardant polyester sheets and pyjamas. Understanding how all humans are literally covered in plastic every day of their life is enough to warrant changing decisions surrounding the clothes we purchase.

10 Steps To Restore Electrical Integrity

1. One way to restore integrity is to build your child's microbiome. Kids need daily exercise, sleep, probiotics, and fibre. A child needs to play outside and work up a sweat, running or biking. Sweating is an important process in releasing toxins. "Consuming a healthy diet can fight fat gain, anxiety, stress, and depression. (45) You can increase your family's consumption of fermented foods to enjoy better health. Anti-inflammatory foods such as organic maca, ginger, and turmeric root are beneficial for better moods and healthier digestion.

2. The body needs minerals; we can't absorb iron without copper. Copper is good for our bones, joints, hair, skin, red blood cells, and metabolism. A recent study reported the concentrations of Ca, Mg, K, Fe, and Na in walnuts to be higher than other elements. (46) Organic Walnuts promote electrical integrity in the brain, protect against neurodegenerative disorders and oxidative stress, and assist in reducing inflammation. (47) Basically, organic walnuts improve memory. (48)

3. Take that 'first step' to get the pesticides, plastics, and neurotoxins out of your home in order to increase energy levels, and diminish inflammatory levels. Toxins can literally destroy thinking with clarity, interrupt sleep, and increase the risk of heart disease. Toxins destroy all energy reserves. Furthermore, toxins get stored in our fat cells. Don't ever fail to recognize when agencies poison the soil, feed, and water supply that livestock and plants consume; they poison you.

4. Cleanse Your Mood. Snack on nuts, seeds, apples, and vegetables instead of chips and ultra-processed foods. “A study published in the journal of Public Health Nutrition showed that an abundance of ultra-processed food disrupts all body organ systems, placing them into stress mode. Ultra-processed foods dramatically increase our risk for obesity, insomnia, depression, dementia, anxiety, and gut discomfort.” (49) Findings from this study include the U.S. and other Western Countries with similar ultra-processed food intake across the globe.

5. Energize Your Mood with non-toxic, uncut, organic essential oils. Properties include improving focus, energy, and digestion. Good choices include Peppermint, Ginger Root, Bergamot, Frankincense, and Juniper Berry. 

6. Eliminate the Big Fat Gainers. The big fat gainers include coffee, alcohol, pizza and sausages, bottled commercial fruit juices, low-fat foods, processed fortified boxed cereal, crackers, pasta, soy products, energy drinks, diet sodas, and drinks containing carrageenan.  (Fortified foods are when a product is stripped of its nutrients while synthetic ones are added back in.)  Go Organic and eat foods rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Detoxification must be part of a daily lifestyle if we will survive these toxic times. Green Juicing in the morning boosts energy levels, and during this process, our cells can repair themselves and detoxify. It's no longer just a good idea to buy organic; it's 'necessary' for our survival.

7. Drink Clean Filtered Water. The body can only burn fat efficiently if it is adequately hydrated. Adding in Molecular Hydrogen Water reduces obesity and improves metabolic health, IBS symptoms, gastric ulcers, and  good gut microbiome. (50-51)

8. Sleep Well. Sleep is a restorative process, so when we don't get enough, elimination slows, and premature ageing and depression increase. Rush University Medical Center states, "Circadian rhythms act as a musical conductor, coordinating the rhythms of molecular clocks throughout the body, including tissue repair, metabolism, and toxin removal.” (52) 

9. Understand Gut Peptides. “Bioactive peptides are a class of peptides with special physiological functions and have potential applications in human gut and brain health and disease prevention. Bioactive peptides positively affect the cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, and nervous systems.” (53-54)

10. Just Breathe. We can change emotions when we practice deep breathing exercises. When we increase oxygen in the body, we increase energy generation!


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Restore Electrical Integrity Restore Electrical Integrity Restore Electrical Integrity Restore Electrical Integrity Restore Electrical Integrity Restore Electrical Integrity Restore Electrical Integrity Restore Electrical Integrity

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