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How to include religious and cultural provisions in my Will?

Written by Wills & Estates Principal Lawyer, Brooke Reardon.  Succession law is more than the transmission of wealth, but also your values, cultural beliefs, and religion. Considering these elements is not only vital for future preparation, but for protecting your wishes and upholding your family’s traditions. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, nearly two thirds of Australians affiliate with a religion. Christianity was…

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How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Through Diet

Written by Joanna Auburn When we think about how best to minimise our individual impact on this Earth, usually the big (carbon) ticket items are considered first, like reducing the number of long-haul flights we take a year. But agriculture contributes nearly one quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, so we can’t have a serious conversation about reducing our personal…

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Which Messaging Platform do I use?

Written by Kareem Tawansi So, we’re now in the roaring twenties, with technology in every aspect of our life; some helps us and some hinders us. And I can’t think of an area where this causes more confusion and uncertainty than, which damn messaging platform do I use? From SMS to Messaging “In the olden days”, we used to just…

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Financial health

How to raise kids that are money-savvy and happy Written by Sonia Gibson Rarely, does money solve a money problem. Money problems are solved by improving financial literacy. You need to have the skill to assess your financial situation and find the source of the problem. More often than not, it’s not a shortage of income (although it’s incredibly common…

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How to Save Energy at Home – Part 2

Written by Ahmad Fraij In April issue, we discussed how to save energy in the heating, cooling and refrigeration appliances and in this issue, we will discuss how to save energy in the laundry, dishwashing machine and in the cooking appliances: Laundry Make sure you have a reasonable amount of laundry to run the washing machine at full load. The…

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Hello! It’s Me, Your Body here, Are you Listening?

Hey, it’s Your Body and Here’s what Happens to Me Each Day. Written by Sally McGrath Wake up, move you around, get you started for your day, talk, exercise, eat, walk, think, work, play, read, listen, run errands, make plans, deliver presentations, do projects, meet people, socialise with people, smile, laugh, cry, get stressed, get anxious, study, cook, clean, wash,…

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Listening to your body, what it needs and doesn’t need

Written by Michael Dermansky Although it is easy to get wrapped up in the latest trend of what is “good” for you, what is going to cleanse you or contradictory scientific and medicine information, which often looks at one aspect of health in a large population rather than the  overall health of one individual, knowing what is important and what…

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How To Recognize The Signs Of Burnout

Written by Katie Lowe (BA, GradDipPosPsych) Life can be exhausting! Balancing a career; study; love and relationships; children and family; up keeping a house; cooking; exercising; maintaining your physical, emotional and mental health; friends and a social life; leisure; and all the other things, can be quite the juggle. ‘Burnout’ is when you reach the point of physical and emotional…

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Listening To Your Body

About Money Written by Amanda Cassar What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Did you know that financial stress can cause adverse health conditions?  We are certainly living in difficult times and being overwhelmed can cause stress and anxiety.  But there is help to be had. Living under the cloud of debt and money problems can leave some feeling down, hopeless and…

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The Price of Success

Written by Peter Horsfield Every day we are bombarded with media, work colleagues, strangers, families and friends judgments about our body shapes. Our feelings of self-worth, twisted and magnified by our own expectations, past experiences and the physical changes due to our hormones and the foods and drinks we consume. The good news is that we are not our past…

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Composting solutions for everyone

Written by Lucinda Flynn It is common knowledge that organic waste going into landfill is a big environmental problem. It releases methane – a very concentrated greenhouse gas – into the atmosphere, not to mention losing us a fantastic opportunity to recycle our organic wastes back into nutrients for our gardens and communities. But what specifically is ‘Organic Waste’, and…

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How to Reduce Your Transportation Footprint

Cars Driving up Global CO2 Levels Written by Joanna Auburn The transportation sector accounts for around a quarter of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, of which almost three quarters are associated with road vehicles. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise to most of us, I mean when you think about just how many cars are on the road and…

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