What cats tell us about business

What cats tell us about business

Written by Sonia Gibson

We can take inspiration from many different sources and even the most successful entrepreneur can liken aspects of business to an animal. Each of us have characteristics that can be compared to the qualities of a particular animal. Even brands take inspiration from animals, it’s almost as though connecting our modern, civilised selves to something more primal gives it sensible meaning making it more recognisable.

In the world of accounting, precision is the nature of the business. As is agility, swiftness, and a great deal of calculated moves. You could compare the traits of an accounting firm with the characteristics of a cat if we were to find the animal within the industry. Cats can also represent success, after all, they’re skilled at landing on their feet. What else can cats teach us about being successful in business?


Curiosity is a sign of intelligence. It is also an indication that the imagination is at play and creativity is one of the most productive traits to have in business, especially in accounting. Creativity doesn’t necessarily mean artistic, it also means being resourceful and capable of problem-solving where challenges might be complex. They say that curiosity killed the cat, but cats have nine lives, and curiosity is a wonderful use for at least one of them because the cat will come back wiser and better experienced. As a business owner, curiosity means you’re constantly looking at new ideas and exploring better solutions.

Cats are easily distracted

Cats are easily distracted by new toys and quick movements. In business, being distracted can prevent productivity, many of us struggle with projects that are started and then set aside in favour of a new one. Unlike entrepreneurs and business owners, cats are not accountable for finishing what they start, they have the luxury of toying with a notion until it bores them. Business owners have to steer the course steadfastly, even when the novelty of the project wears off.

Cats know when to rest

The first few years in business are a mad rush. You’re working in the business during business hours and on the business after hours. Long nights, longer days, and no vacation time can take its toll. All the while, the cat leisurely stretches and yawns from it’s cosy position in the sun with a demeanour that is almost obnoxious to an observer, it is so carefree. Cats never allow themselves to reach a point of exhaustion, they simply take rest whenever they feel the need to do so. In business, we need to view rest as a vital part of being productive, in the same way, that stopping for petrol is a necessity for a car if it is to reach its destination.


Cats ensure that people are informed of every qualm, immediately. Every cat owner can attest to the way in which a cat rubs itself on any available object as a show of gratitude for their favourite meal. Communication is imperative to nurturing relationships in business. This goes for professional relationships between colleagues, between the business and its target audience and its client base.


Cats are creatures of comfort and for those who are in their own businesses, comfort matters too. Routine and familiarity are non-negotiable to cats, they tend to have a favorite spot for napping, a particular food they enjoy, and many prefer to follow a similar number of pursuits every day. In business, consistency is more important than grand gestures of productivity. Success lies in the small daily habits that become part of life. For cats, it is the small daily habits that they consistently enjoy that gives their lives joy.

Cats might not be trainable but they offer valuable lessons to those who pay attention

Cat lovers would agree that cats can provide tremendous entertainment, however, even the most critical business owner can’t deny that cats come with very useful tips for maintaining balance, integrity, and stamina in the business world.

What cats tell us about business What cats tell us about business

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