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Written by Eryn Ford, founder and trainer at Mummy Physiques

Do you listen to what your body tells you? Do you nourish your body with all the right things? We are only given one; why do so many of us not cherish it and treat it with the respect it deserves.

I hear too many excuses from friends, family and clients - 'they were on holidays so they thought that they should eat takeaway everyday', 'they work back a lot and there is just no other option but fast food', 'it's to hard with the kids so I just cooked us all frozen chicken nuggets or fish fingers'. Your loved ones and your body are the most important thing, without them working properly it can mean disease, sickness or even death. So how do we not have enough time to treat it right?

If you want to enjoy ideal physical and mental health, personal and spiritual growth, balanced success in all aspects of your life and ultimately the realisation of your full human potential, then you must start with a solid foundation by providing the nourishment your body requires.

A healthy body is the essential foundation for everything else.

So how do we do this? My advice would be to forget about calories. Change the foods you eat! Eat as much as your body tells you to eat (really listen to your body). Change your foods to real, whole, non-toxic foods. Fruits and vegetables; and raw ideally. The real, whole, raw foods have the highest nutrient content (cooking and processing reduce the nutrient content).

Find ways to avoid toxins as much as possible. Team all the yummy fruits and veggies we have available with quality protein and lots of good fats! I'm talking about eggs, salmon, avocado etc. The list goes on.

All the good stuff! Yumo! We are so lucky to live in a country with seriously amazing produce, so eat it!

If we can make this change, then the body will be able to start operating as expected that is vitalised, healthy and vibrant. And there isn't anything wrong with that!

Team all that amazing food with an exercise plan that suits you and your goals and there will be no doubt you will be feeling completely fabulous. With so much energy you will find yourself bouncing out of bed in the morning.

Taking control of your health Taking control of your health Taking control of your health

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