The Progression Of Kidney Disease

Written by Connie Rogers

According to Executive Order by President Trump on July 10th
2019, "Within 120 days of the date of this order, the Secretary of
Health and Human Services shall launch an awareness initiative at
the Department of Health and Human Services to aid the Secretary's
efforts to educate patients and support programs that promote kidney disease awareness. The initiative shall develop proposals for the Secretary to support research regarding preventing, treating, and slowing the progression of kidney disease; to improve kidney transplantation, and to share information with patients and providers to enhance awareness of the causes and consequences of kidney disease."

"Kidney disease was the ninth leading cause of death in the United
States in 2017. Approximately 37 million Americans have chronic
kidney disease, and more than 726,000 have End-Stage Renal Disease."

So the question is, how do we promote awareness and prevent kidney disease or renal failure? I've investigated and researched many contributors to this deadly disease. What I've discovered is, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a byproduct from toxic exposures. This means what we eat, drink, medicate, and surround ourselves with, supersedes genetics.
To enjoy health, it's all about balance. With just a few lifestyle
changes we can prevent and reverse kidney disease (1) and achieve

10 Tips Changing The Course Of Chronic Kidney Disease

1- It's no surprise that kidney disease is directly linked to diabetes
and heart disease, with diabetes, eventually leading to kidney
cancer. Increasing our risk factors for kidney disease are smoking,(2)
obesity, and hypertension.(3) "The CDC reports that as many as 80 million Americans are insulin resistant, and most don't pay attention to insulin resistance being a precursor to diabetes.”(4) Not only is insulin resistance positively associated with obesity, but it can also negatively affect all organs in the body, including the kidneys. When connecting the dots,(5) I found- insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease promotes the rapid progression of Chronic Kidney Disease, and CKD increases our risk for Cardiovascular Disease. Why? Because our heart works in tandem with our
kidneys. What affects one affects the other. The good news is
"weight loss and reduction of belly fat (6) almost invariably reverses
insulin resistance."

Facts: Sugar feeds diabetes, (7) cancer, Alzheimer's, CVD, and
Chronic Kidney Disease. Daily consumption of sugary sodas and
alcohol are associated with weight gain, hyperuricemia, and Chronic
Kidney Disease.(8) And if that doesn't grab your attention, High
Fructose Corn Syrup found in drinks, breads, and processed foods
increase our risk factor for the beginnings of renal inflammation!

2- "Cortisol is a vital catabolic hormone produced by the adrenal
cortex of the kidney.”(9) Cortisol imbalances can be found causal in
recurrent infections, low energy levels, constipation, hypoglycemia,
insomnia,(10) depression and often indicate adrenal fatigue.(11) As
adrenal fatigue progresses, blood glucose levels are disrupted. Balanced cortisol levels protect the body from adrenal fatigue.(12) But, frequent use of energy drinks/caffeine and other nervous system stimulants create imbalances in our adrenals.

Fact: Caffeine, sugar, and smoking weaken adrenals and irritate
renal function.

3- Most obese and depressed individuals juggle more than five
medications a day. It's time to ask questions surrounding the
interactions between certain medications and how they increase our
risk for kidney disease. For example, let's examine Metformin, HRT, Statins, SSRI’s, Anti-inflammatories, Opioids, and Avastin.

Metformin is marketed as a diabetic medication with side-effects, including lactic acidosis, decreased vitamin B12 levels, and difficulty in urination and coma. HRT has an association with poor kidney health.(13)

Statins have an association with acute kidney injury.(14) Chronic
use of statins induces insulin resistance and diabetes plus have
side-effects that include heart disease, aggression, and weight
gain.(15) Some studies even suggest, there’s lack of evidence that
statins prevent heart disease. (16)

Zoloft may decrease kidney function, making kidney disease (17)
worse. Additionally, SSRI's/interrupt metabolism, gut microbiome and can increase the risk of obesity. Opioids (18) claim over 400,000 lives a year. "Toxic substances such as opioids prevent the body from the natural filtering and elimination processes. When kidneys become damaged, hormone levels are also imbalanced, and we can no longer excrete waste
properly." Anti-inflammatories such as sulfasalazine (Azulfidine) have side effects, including kidney stones.

Humira(19) is an injectable protein used to treat arthritis, psoriasis, and Crohn's disease. Side-effects include kidney calculus (kidney stones).

Abilify is used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. Side effects
include kidney disease.(20)

Avastin is used for age-related macular degeneration, and side effects include vision loss and retinal detachment. "This happens because of this drug, possibly causing too much protein in the urine.”(21)

4- Our eyes are a window(22) to our kidneys. In Chinese medicine, (23) there are meridians from the eyes to the kidneys. "When the meridians are flowing smoothly, there is neither pain nor illness. When blockages exist in meridians, pain, and illness result." So it's no wonder that Age-Related Macular Degeneration is more common among individuals with reduced kidney function.(24)

Fact: Macular degeneration can also be associated with heart
disease(25) and diabetes.

5- We are a nation suffering from an abundance of pesticides and
heavy metal exposures known to be carcinogenic. This is a considerable risk factor for Veterans that fought in Vietnam, The Gulf War,(26) and the Iraq War. Long term side-effects from DDT, Agent Orange, and others include, but are not limited to, kidney disease, eye disease, and cardiovascular disease. Sadly, veterans were also given multiple dirty vaccines(27) containing chemicals and heavy metals. The end result, mercury, and other heavy metals accumulate readily in the kidneys.(28)

Facts: About 50+ percent of Veterans seem to suffer from CKD. Pesticides and chemicals are found to be a risk factor(29) for kidney cancer.(30)

6- Unbeknownst to most, periodontal disease(31) is an overlooked problem putting a strain on our kidneys. In holistic dentistry, which is becoming more popular, teeth have a synergistic and meridian connection to vital organs.(32) What was found is, chronic kidney disease has a strong association with periodontal disease.(33) This is just one consequence when we don't pay attention to proper oral health.

Fact: Poor oral health can and will negatively affect our overall
health including diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and CVD.(34)

7- There is an interconnection between estrogen dominance, gut microbiome and obesity(35) linking it to kidney cancer.(36) Both chronic kidney disease and estrogen dominance are associated with multiple physiological and metabolic disturbances.(37) This is because the gut microbiome is the ecosystem of bacteria that lives inside us and influences the development of estrogen dominance. And while we may find this information hard to digest gut microbes also participate in the etiology of CVD.(38) Other conditions associated with estrogen dominance are Wireless
Radiation, and PCOS. Interestingly enough, women with PCOS (39) are usually suffering from insulin resistance. And, as I said before insulin resistance is connected to kidney disease. Wireless Radiation and EMF exposures may fuel estrogen dominance. From atoms to organs, the human body depends upon its electrical systems to sustain life. Wireless radiation(40) has negative biological affects on our DNA,(41) memory, sex hormones (42) and gut microbiome.

Facts: "The interaction between the gut microbiota and CKD is not
unidirectional. CKD affects the structure of the gut microbiota(43)
and visa versa.” Deficiency in gut microbes, and the increase of free
radical damage leads us down the road to preventable health issues
including kidney cancer!

8- It’s important to stay hydrated. But first purchase a filter for your home that removes fluoride. This is because there is a positive association between fluoride and kidney disease.(44) Fluoride can be found in processed foods, medications, bottled drinks, canned soups, green teas, wine, tap water, bottled water, toothpaste, mouthwash, teflon, pesticides, and the list goes on. Additionally, when there’s an excess of fluoride in the body it can interfere with the function of the thyroid gland. Thus, fluoride has been linked to thyroid problems.(45)

Fact: The interconnection? Thyroid dysfunction affects renal physiology(46) and development, and kidney disease could result in thyroid dysfunction.

9- As humans, we can't live without sunshine! Studies have demonstrated a link between vitamin D deficiency and CKD mortality in the general population. “Chronic low-grade inflammation is a hallmark of CKD, and has been disclosed as one important factor contributing to the progression of CKD and high cardiovascular mortality.” Naturally, we absorb vitamin D through our eyes and skin. However, because we may lack time spent in the sun, we take synthetic supplements thinking these will fix vitamin D deficiency.

Fact: What happens if we take an abundance of synthetics?
”Hypervitaminosis D, can result from a high-dosed vitamin D
supplementation used for several months. This practice is toxic and
can lead to high blood pressure, bone loss, and kidney damage.”(47)

10- Environmental pollution is the largest cause of disease. According to Autoimmunity Research Foundation, 2012:(48) "The rate of chronic disease in the U.S., has been dramatically increasing over the years from environmental triggers rather than genetic or age-related causes." Glyphosate is an environmental trigger. It is known to damage our DNA and other organs, including our gut microbiome. It drives the obesity epidemic and the cancer epidemic. The Journal of Public Health And Emergency states there is even an association between heart disease and glyphosate.(50) Today we know, Monsanto's glyphosate spent the last 30+ years covering up kidney cancers. According to Journal of Organic Systems,(49) glyphosate plays a role in kidney cancer and acute kidney failure.

Facts: Environmental Pollution in and on our food, air, and ground water is significantly associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes(51) and other major diseases. And, according to the Lancet, pollution is the most significant environmental cause of illnesses and premature death.

More than 13,000 have file lawsuits against Monsanto. So if the question is- how do we slow the progression of kidney disease? We can take a serious look at the multiple causes. When we slow the progression of CVD, Diabetes, HBP, Insulin Resistance, and other illnesses, we can change the way we treat renal disease. We can do this by understanding and uncovering the hidden connections between foods, medications, environmental toxins,(52).

We can gather together and find ways to become active in changing laws that no longer protect us within the EPA and FDA. Over the last 15+ years Chronic Kidney Disease has increased in children. Studies found, there’s a correlation between growth impairment, mineral and bone disorders, and age in CKD.

Hopefully, this gets your attention. It got mine!


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