How To Dress When You Need To Bring Your A-Game

Who’s That Girl

Written by Susie Taaffe

Fashion has been used by women for millennia to evoke emotions and portray certain characteristics. From hoops under skirts, bustles, and corsets to power suits and shoulder pads, fashion has created the illusions of whatever was desired at the time. So how can fashion inspire and fire you up to achieve? Does wearing certain items and colours make you ignite your passionate self? The 1980’s power suit was designed to give women an energetic and strong appearance. Shoulder pads were designed to make women appear more masculine and dominating. Colours like red, bright pink or orange are fiery and strong plus a bit of animal print goes a long way towards me feeling in control of the boardroom or the bedroom!

How long has it been since you felt inspired? Do you have any ‘go-to’ tips for when you need to bring your A-Game? First date, presentation at work, problem-solving or just general courage – we need to have some tricks up our sleeves to present and FEEL our amazing and confident selves. However, before we even look at what we are wearing, let us take a trip inside our minds and our hearts to find the deep passion within our souls. Do you even know what inspires you now? As our lives progress who we are changes. How often do we allow the time and space to dig deep into ourselves to find what we are passionate about?

Rest, Recharge & Rejuvenate.

It is impossible to feel passionate and confident about anything when we are tired and run down. So let us focus on that first! I remember once feeling really sooky and ‘woe is me’. I wanted a nice escape somewhere fancy. I brainstormed all the things I thought would make me feel better and when I reflected on the list I realized – I was just tired and needed a nap!! I was at work so the second I got home I hopped into bed and had a very early night (the kids were at their dad’s house). If you can’t quite check out that quickly, schedule some time for yourself to have a rest. If you can’t nap, maybe a guided breathing meditation or just a cup of tea and a magazine. You would be amazed at what a proper rest will do for your soul.

We are exiting COVID restrictions and everyone has been under a lot of stress and pressure caused by uncertainty. The mental load we carry these days is huge. Make some space for you to regularly switch off the thinking and planning. To make sure I don’t drop the ball completely, I have my notebook close so I can write down any things I need to remember to action later. This way I can stay focused on having a rest! I could suggest not to do this step however I know that would give me more anxiety which would be counter-productive.

Make Your Heart Sing

Gift yourself the time to sit and think about what really makes your heart sing.

What would you do if money wasn’t an object? It is an age-old question but for good reason. You might not be able to make a career from it but if you can identify it, you can mould your life to make sure you include it more. At the very least you can work towards a solution to fit it into your life.

We get so caught up in the mundanity of life, that it is very easy to forget about ourselves beyond survival. We are so busy, busy, busy and it’s time to slow down.

When you fill your cup first, life’s tasks won’t seem so daunting or draining. Sometimes taking 5 minutes to sit quietly when you feel overwhelmed can rejuvenate you. Then you are twice as productive at getting your tasks done. The time when you feel you can’t take five minutes out is EXACTLY when you need to do it!

I love to have my magic toolbox of tricks that I know make me feel amazing. Great music of all genres depending on my mood, candles, hot baths and cooking are some of my top picks at home. If I have more time a trip to the beach or a beautiful walk in a rainforest always lifts my soul.

Accept Where You Are!

Now we have given ourselves the space to feel the passion in our bones again. We have sorted out our inner world so now, let us look at the outer world, specifically your wardrobe! Everything that doesn’t make you feel oh-la-la has got to go!!! The exception to this rule is all the items that make you feel warm and fuzzy. The ahhhh feeling which you retreat to after a long day (or all day Sunday if you are feeling snuggly inclined!) If there are items that you love but don’t fit you anymore, box them up and put them out of sight. Identify any gaps in your wardrobe which need to be filled. Then let’s go shopping!

I just had the most immense success with a skirt I didn’t even know I was missing in my life. It is a pleated metallic skirt and has changed both my and my wardrobe’s life!! I had so many bright tops that I didn’t really have the right skirt or pants to match. This skirt literally can be worn with a hot pink silk cowl neck top and stilettos OR a white t-shirt and sneakers, fluro lime turtleneck or black singlet – it is oh-la-la in EVERY SINGLE WAY! For more tips and tricks on a passionate style please see my article

Dress To Impress (Yourself)

Remember, this is for you, my darling – just you. Only you and how you feel about yourself matter. Do all of this because you deserve to FEEL amazing every day. With that said and our wardrobe sorted, you will have ready the go-to outfits that make you feel amazing both inside and out! For me personally, it is ALWAYS a pair of Missy Massy Pettipants Underwear in Leopard or bold colours all teamed with sky high stilettos – then I can take on anything!! I also like bold mascara and bright lipstick – just to really put the A into my A-Game! Your favourite pump-up music soundtrack as well can also be invaluable to getting you in the kick-a$$ mood you need to fire you up and conquer the world! Save one in your music playlists and press play whenever you need to unleash your inner grrrr.

Now go get ‘em, tiger!!!

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