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How To Find Your Passion

Written by Sally Kellett, professional meditation teacher “You are so lucky you have found your passion, I still don’t know what mine is” This is one of the most common things people say to me as they see me passionately pursuing a life in practising and teaching mindfulness. The next line I then get asked is…. “How do I find…

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How to Move More in Everyday life

Written by Bill Adamson, Claire Richardson, Chris Reeves and Jason Stone Before the wheel, before we controlled fire, before we had opposable thumbs and certainly before any game of thrones addictions all early humans had was movement. They foraged, they hunted, the sat on the ground on hard surfaces, they ran from predators. They moved. Movement increases blood flow to…

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Can Children Play Too Much?

Written by Sarah Milano According to the World Health Organization (WHO), children from the ages of five to seventeen should engage in sixty minutes of physical activity every day. Not only should they be active, but according to the WHO’s guidelines in “Physical Activity and Young People,” these children should engage in “moderate” and “vigorous” activities[1].  Physical activities should actually…

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Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Written by Tommy Fisher Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, especially if you have grown in an environment of junk foods, crash diets, and no exercise. It can be both intimidating and discouraging, so much that you stop in the middle of it and go back to your old ways, or you do not even try in the first…

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Yoga and Psychology – Exploring the Koshas

Written by Casey Castro Kosha means “sheath” in Sanskrit. In yoga, the term is used to describe metaphorical layers within the human body. This meaning comes from the ancient Hindu texts called the Upanishads. When there is optimal health and well-being the layers are seamlessly blended and cannot be clearly defined. However, when these are out of balance we experience…

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Exploring the Misunderstood World of Mental Health

Written by Sally McGrath Never before has mental health been such an important and relevant subject and condition that requires support and attention. Once the hidden away, socially ignored, “crazy, so stay away mindset” and now the subject of mental health is well and truly open for discussion on social media platforms, homes, therapist practices, offices and video conferencing channels.…

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Dedicated or addicted?

The mental and physical implications of overtraining and exercise addiction Written by Melani De Sousa Exercising too much, or overtraining, might seem like a foreign concept to the average person, but more and more studies are revealing the increasing prevalence of disordered eating, weight obsession and overtraining not only in adults, but in children as young as 11 years old[1].…

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Immune System Boost Hoopla

Written by Donna Sparx As the weeks get colder and noses get drippier, it’s time to pull out whatever superpowers we can muster to fight the Winter Bugs. Dodging germs can often seem like navigating a multi-layered quest in a computer game. The enemies are the Bugs and we have a secret weapon. It is sparkly, circular, spindiferous and most…

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Family Fitness On A Budget

Written by Melani De Sousa Prior to COVID-19, over two thirds of Australian children were reported to participate in organised physical activity outside of school hours at least once per week, with 25% participating at least three times per week for an average of 1 hour per session.[1] With month-long periods of global lockdown and the cancellation of most sporting…

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Finding more time for mindfulness

Written by Sally Kellett One thing we all have in common is that we are increasingly becoming more and more busy with less and less time. We only have so many hours in a day, but seem to spend them all working and doing things for others. When I mention mindfulness to people, a common response is ‘Oh, I don’t…

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Teaching Children to Value Time

Written By Casey Castro In the modern world we live in with technology so readily available, it can be hard to hold our childrens attention for very long. Especially with games being so bright and colourful and technology being so easy to use in their little hands. Children (and adults) of all ages love the pull of a device. They…

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