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Written by Donna Sparx

As the weeks get colder and noses get drippier, it’s time to pull out whatever superpowers we can muster to fight the Winter Bugs. Dodging germs can often seem like navigating a multi-layered quest in a computer game. The enemies are the Bugs and we have a secret weapon.

It is sparkly, circular, spiniferous and most of all FUN! It’s a plastic children’s toy and goes by the name of Hula Hoop.

It turns out that hula hoopers get sick far less often than their non-hooping counterparts and people have begun wondering why. What is this magic?

As it turns out, there are immune-boosting benefits to hula hooping and not just in terms of regular exercise.

5 Reasons Hula Hoops are the Secret Weapon Against Winter Bugs:

  1. Hooping is addictive and fun.
    The child-like toy that hula hoops inspire make it almost impossible not to exercise! Regular moderate exercise has been linked to a positive immune system response and a temporary boost in the production of cells that attack bacteria[1].
  2. Hooping circulates the good stuff.
    The movement of hooping circulates immune cells through the body quickly.
  3. Hooping massages the lymphatic system.
    Our lymphatic system produces immune cells and is the body’s first line of defence against infection. With over 50% of our lymphatic glands being in our belly, hooping stimulates this area and keeps sickness at bay[2].
  4. Hooping is an antidote to stress.
    Stress decreases immunity and increases risk of illness and, a lack of physical activity places stress on your immune system. Hooping is fun, it’s playful and it’s pretty hard to be stressed when you are spinning a hula hoop.
  5. Hooping makes you happy and happy people generally don’t get sick[3]

So, there it is. Hoops are medicine! A 10-40 minute daily dose is the prescription for all ages with a recommendation to wash it down with some funky tunes and family giggles.

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