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Written by Sally McGrath | Health that Heals

Daily existence feels like a constant life juggling act, carrying the burdens of our lives and the sense that life is going through the motions or just surviving. Is there a way to create a sense of sustainable harmony, whilst living in the real world? By way of definition, harmony/harmonious is when “things that go well together, or people and things that get along well”.

What is Harmony in Life?

Defining harmony in life relates to the ability to manage all the elements that are important to you and have a plan to navigate through life’s curveballs. Harmony is made up of multiple elements of life, for example, health, relationships and career that build to become three elements of primary health, there are 12 elements that make up the primary health cycle.

Creating harmony in life is to ensure you have the ability to manage social, emotional, physical, personal and financial parts of life in combination with work goals to create meaning and contentment. Harmony is about creating boundaries and prioritising what is most important for a person. This may sound daunting, below are some steps to start building your plan to create harmony in life.

Those with harmony in life seek out areas of agreement and are particularly aware of conflict and dissonance. People that live in harmony can see how people can come together or find agreement and in particular when they are experiencing conflict because the harmonious will seek a common chord when there is a sense of discord.


Think About Today

Whilst rushing around and getting on with the busy days people endure, many people have a tendency to focus on “the next” and the future, rather than respecting the time and space that is current; the now and focusing on that moment with full attention. The repetition builds day-in-day-out to create life as a chore by going-through-the-motions and most of the time not being totally aware of what is happening at any given moment.  An example of this could be; driving to a location, arriving and not having any recollection of the journey or being totally disconnected in a meeting, hearing what’s going on but not listening, then walking away wondering what happened.

“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what’s important”

Stephen Covey

Seven Simple Steps to Build Harmony into Life:

1. Celebrate Life

You are alive, so celebrate this simple fact! Consider the good parts of life. Struggling to find good in life? Then identify what you want to change and research a way to get support to make the change.

2. Be Grateful and Appreciative

The smallest things can have the most impact. Being grateful and expressing gratitude and appreciation to your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and your coffee barista will nourish these relationships. The impact on self and others is powerful. Try it!

3. Communicate

Learn how to really communicate. Even if there is not a spoken word, there is communication, each time a person is present there is a message being sent. Remember, the tone of voice has a powerful impact upon the delivery of the communication, something to keep in mind.

4. Cultivate Compassion

For yourself and others, having compassion links to the creation of harmony in life. Learn to accept others as they are and learn to understand the differences among others. Remove judgmental thoughts and remember, everyone has a story.

5. Remain Positive

Life will be challenging at times. Consider what the lesson is that can be taken from the experience. Reframing the negative will help to build resilience and take a positive lesson or message from a sad or bad experience. There is a choice to dwell in the negative or choose to focus on the positive.

6. Know What You Want

Defining what you want is the first and most critical step, know where you are going and make a plan to guide your way. What is missing, maybe a place to start to create what you want. What do you want to leave as a legacy?

7. Respect Yourself and Others

Respecting yourself is the starting point, therefore self-respect will in turn be reciprocated, speak kindly and warmly to yourself and to others. You choose how to speak to yourself, no one else has that power. Take control of self-talk, making sure you speak to yourself as you would a best friend.

The Importance of Living for Today

Creating a future is important, however, constantly focusing on the future and allowing today to pass without acknowledgement or enjoyment is “existing”. Many people believe that working hard through the years of youth, with a view to enjoying life at retirement age is the way to achieve goals and harmony. Whilst this may be true for some, there is little space for life, right now and can compromise your health, wellbeing and the creation of harmony.

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Finding stable ground, creating a plan and being true to yourself will reduce the pressure in life whilst giving you the freedom to be yourself, achieve the goals you set and give life purpose and meaning. Balance is not realistic, so focusing on harmony is the sustainable way to truly appreciate and enjoy life’s experiences to create a peaceful life.

Create Your Harmonious Approach to Life Create Your Harmonious Approach to Life Create Your Harmonious Approach to Life Create Your Harmonious Approach to Life

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