I am Woman … Hear me ROAR!

Yes, you are an amazing woman! But how is your ROAR?

Written by Naomi Radke

I don’t like to focus on the ‘P’ word as I personally believe that our souls are being filled with enough of it right now, but if you’ll indulge me, I’ll use the ‘P’ word only once to demonstrate the unfortunate alignment it represents for some of us. That ‘P’ word is Pandemic, and I believe it’s possible that the lockdown world that some of us are living with is an analogy for the animal within us that might be feeling a little locked down … and is either not roaring, or not roaring to her full potential.

And I want to change that …

As a writer of Intimate stories, my deep personal wish for every woman is to let her wild sensual goddess out, her primal sacred self that is full of desires, wishes and dreams. She’s within you and me and speaking on her behalf, I think she wants us to let her out more often and with purpose because I believe that she has had enough of us using her suppression as a badge of honour. She knows we’re busy, she knows we have many plates spinning in our lives, but what she seems to keep telling me is that she wants to help, and she can’t do that unless we find a way to make her a priority.

Mmmm, our Goddess does seem a bit lippy and opinionated, doesn’t she?! Perhaps what she’s trying to tell us is that she has the power to bring back our balance, our release and our crescendo, using our most powerful and sacred moment. Yes, that moment when our desire and our pleasure collide in the climax, and ladies, it’s time to listen to the call of our inner wild and look at ways to get our roar back.

This is not a judgement on where any of us are at on our sensual journey, instead, this is an ‘environment intervention’ to reclaim our best life where we can take our sensual power back. Of course, there are times where intimacy and sex flows easily down the sensual river, where our primal selves are laying back being fed grapes, clear on what will fulfil our desires. Other times, I think we are all guilty of allowing ourselves to be pulled in many directions, frustratingly to where other people are comfortable or until everyone else’s needs are met. It can be exhausting and can create an anti-sex zone.

Our sensual goddess loves men and salutes the pressures they are under, however under the code of secret women’s business, she knows that often we find ourselves the centre of our family unit. An unintended consequence as we slip into our super mum cape is that we can let intimacy slip as a priority unfortunately accepting our busy plight as the honourable reason. I’m rating this as 50% of the reason for any suppressed sensual roar. Women, close your eyes now as in working with men in the life-long career I left, I observed that men see their providing as their adequate contribution and often feel that this should be celebrated to the highest order. Their need for praise through our lens could be interpreted as perhaps lessening our contribution. I’m rating this as the other 50% of any perceived or real, unmet sensual roar needs.

As a firm believer in men and women standing side by side as equals, I’ve called a timeout and am calling for the great sensual reset for us modern women. Of course, our partners will form part of this reset and we can’t control that, but we can get clarity on what our sensual goddess needs to roar again, then she can start to heal. I have sought counsel from the most qualified being, my own inner wild primal goddess, and here’s what she suggested …

Earth yourself

Indulge me for a moment. I believe that all things are connected energetically, and in line with that, it tells me that earthing ourselves is a great place to start in the quest for our roar. Lay in the sun (sun smart of course), allow your body to be heavy, feel the earth beneath you. If you allow it, your own frequency will get into a rhythm with the earth’s frequency. Doing this every day can slow the clutter in the mind so you can start the search for your roar.

Relax and Remember

Do something luxurious, even during the lockdown, there is the simple luxury of five minutes of peace in the bath with wine and candles or whatever luxury means to you. When you’re relaxed, focus on remembering when you used to roar, go back in time and just BE there. You don’t have to DO anything. Look around, what did the environment look and feel like? Who were you then? How did it feel when you just let go?  Take note if you feel pride or shame about how you were when you were free, that is important in Step 4.

Truly SEE your partner

It can be very easy to slip into blame, that you said this, or you did that, or you didn’t do that, or you didn’t notice what I did. This might sting a little, but now swap the word ‘you’ in all those statements to ‘I’ as most likely your partner’s reality is a reversed version of yours. I said this, I did that, or I didn’t do that, or I didn’t notice what you did. Mmmm. Tricky, isn’t it? Unfair perhaps? What I know now is that someone must lay down their sword first, and girl, you have a powerful roar inside and most likely any shift in you, even small, is going to have the biggest ripple effect. You are not being less; you are being more powerful. When you truly see your partner, I bet that you’ll unlock something else wild within, then hold on as your roar is on its way.

Tell your story

This is my favourite step as the ripple effect can be life-changing. I’ve written before about how our minds are the biggest sex tool and how a story is a powerful way to activate it. You must be careful though as it is easy to hold onto an old story full of blame. The good news is that you and your roar get to change the story, let go of the past, follow the first three steps, then tell your partner a story that excites you. Even the little things, like what you’re feeling when you watch them walk, or that face they do when they know sex is a possibility, or how you feel when they touch your skin. Every sensual secret revealed is your roar inching closer to unleashing her true power.

One more thing to make sure we keep it real; is don’t be afraid to enjoy intimacy for the emotional freedom it gives you from the challenges in your life right now. Tell them that too. If they know they can help bring out your roar, you will have a convert!

With a hand on my heart, my wish is for all women to unlock their roar and I know that we all have the key within us. Don’t let the ‘P’ word get us down, flip it on its back and take the timeout to emerge roaring!

Hear me ROAR Hear me ROAR Hear me ROAR Hear me ROAR

I am Woman … Hear me ROAR! I am Woman … Hear me ROAR! I am Woman … Hear me ROAR! I am Woman … Hear me ROAR! I am Woman … Hear me ROAR!

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