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Written by Naomi Radke

I have got a confession to make, and it is time to reveal my little secret … I  AM A SENSUAL GODDESS!  

I unashamedly know it … and I own it. A far cry from the ill-informed teenager that did not know what a French letter was (a condom) and still has not had the ‘sex’ talk from Mum! I used to hide my goddess for fear of judgement and the whispers, playing it safe just in case others around me might feel uncomfortable. Now, I am so damn proud of my sensuality that I am almost dangerous, but in a good way! 

I am curious however, at how you reacted to my declaration? Were you happy for me? Or did a little feeling of judgement slip in? 

Before you swipe me off, allow me to explain. This is not a brag-fest, I simply have global FOMO for any woman’s desires that are not being met or if her sensual drive is lost. In sharing my story, I aspire to keep this conversation at the front of your mind in the hope that it might reset your sensual bar, remind you that you deserve pleasure, and proclaim this as the highest feminine law of the land. I realised that hiding my love story was to be selfish and hypocritical if I were to invite you to explore your intimate side when I was not being vulnerable myself. It was vital to risk my delicate ego being deflated, even have my ideas being ‘explained’ away to disrupt the pattern of intimacy from being just one more thing to you, the super woman, the purveyor of your honourably busy day, to a place where intimacy can be your celebration.

In a perfect world we would be the Hollywood version of a sensual goddess all the time, arising from our luxurious beds in our mansions looking like we are ready for a photo shoot. In the real world it can often be a more of a mishmash of smeared mascara and drool. As a newly emerged sensual goddess, I would argue that the beauty and fire within is being totally comfortable with the latter, a mindset that could spark some sensual wildfire. 

Sensually positive mindset or not however, there can be times where we are just too exhausted, or the effort to get into an aroused space is just a bridge too far. Alas, it is ok to feel this way, but you do not have to stay stuck in absolutes. There IS a way to change the game in your favour for when there IS a flicker of your sensual energy that with some ‘tweaking’ could be summoned and transformed into a desire fire! This is not a short cut, more of self-guide that is your emergency purse pack of ideas and suggestions that might just help flick the desire switch. They are called Sensuality Hacks, and yes, of course they are tried and tested!  

And here they are beautiful ladies, to try now, or keep as a reference library for later …

Sensuality Hack #1 - Start with the Happy Ending in Mind

Yes, I am talking orgasm ladies! You do not usually jump in the car without knowing where you are going, do you? Simply set your sensual intent and relax into the journey. Accept that you do not have to know exactly which path you will take, just enjoy the ride. Ah hem! Then welcome that happy ending, your body will remember what to do.

Sensuality Hack #2 - Motivate Your Mind

Your mind is the biggest sex tool and has the power to turn you on … or off.  It can turn unaligned desire language around by clever use of imagination and fantasy.  And it is ok to find a movie reel in your mind, play your deepest desires and allow them to permeate your body. Once your mind locks onto an arousal trigger, that is when it is time to just go with it.

Sensuality Hack #3 - Rig Your Environment

Ooh I like this one where you get to have a bit of fun and find what makes you feel sexy and feel good. Dress up, organise a date night with a difference and set yourself little challenges to promiscuously reveal to your date throughout the evening. For example, flash your skin cheeky and discreetly as you stroll around. Up to you which skin you elect to show ...

Sensuality Hack #4 - Change the Venue

Sometimes the bedroom represents your place of exhaustion and if that is the case, then that is ok! I am not here to judge, just encourage and guide. I invite you to consider the plethora of other household and natural locations that can enhance the excitement. It is possible to transform the humble couch, the shiveringly cool bench top, the outdoor banana lounge or even the car into erotic venue. Warning: Best to make sure the coast is clear first

… unless?!

Sensuality Hack #5 - Gizmo’s and Gadgets

Ha Ha! I bet I made you think about vibrators or any other device that tickles your fancy, but there are other stimulating media that can raise your sensual intelligence apart from the obvious. Other activities such as reading raunchy short stories or even watching sexy, tasteful female focussed movie reels can enhance an encounter of the erotic kind. By the way, IT IS ok to watch tasteful adult movies if you both feel excited by it. If this happens to blast past your old conditioning on this subject, then check out for intimate stories of real women, or for some elegant visual stimulation to find out if you can let go of past self-judgement. Who knows? This might be the one hack you have been seeking!  

Now you are armed with five sensuality hacks to get you started and I can get to work on letting go of worrying about FOMO for you. By FOMO I mean Fear of Missing Orgasms … just in case you were mislead earlier! Pleasure is a gift worth desiring, and there is no limit to how much you deserve. Use the hacks and go for it!

Sensuality Hacks Sensuality Hacks Sensuality Hacks Sensuality Hacks Sensuality Hacks Sensuality Hacks Sensuality Hacks Sensuality Hacks Sensuality Hacks


  • Posted June 3, 2021 5:38 am
    by Kaye

    Naomi’s writing really is a welcome addition to my life. It’s a nice reminder of who we really are when we are not being Everything to everyone elsr.

  • Posted June 2, 2021 5:39 pm
    by Ali

    Great read

  • Posted June 2, 2021 4:41 pm
    by Kate Hawker

    I love reading anything written by Naomi Radke, she has a way with enticing me to make a difference in my life. Not just for me, but for my partner. we all get bogged down in the day to day, Naomi and her OME-Time posts are an inspiration to make a change!

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