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We know catastrophic events, emotional trauma, toxins, Big Corporations, stress, obesity, and autoimmunity, can create negative changes in the balance of the human body. These global imbalances can interfere with our health, family life, and decision-making skills.

Most times, we find harmful habits hard to break unless faced with a severe illness, and even then, we don’t believe we have the power to change things. Is it human nature to feel so disempowered? The answer is a big NO, and here’s why.

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Most experts agree that socializing and creating healthy relationships feeds our soul. At the same time, food choices from Mother Nature’s table improve immunity and better moods with positive effects on vitality, leading to empowerment.

Additionally, exercising outdoors brings a sense of calm as it releases toxins. “Though it is widely established that healthy eating and regular exercise have major impacts on physical health, empowerment improves by regulating our diurnal body rhythms (biological rhythms) to ensure physical vitality.” (1)

Most confusion in understanding balance seems to lie in daily corporate marketing misinformation saying foods are healthy when clearly they are not. “For instance, genome editing has the potential to create new varieties of modified animals and plants for agricultural, called ‘pharming.'" (2)  When Big Pharma modifies Mother Nature balance is hardly achieved.

“The food industry is organized to be politically powerful working against health. It consists of massive agribusiness companies like Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, and Monsanto.” (3) After years of chemical exposure, we have seen a massive increase in antibiotic resistance from consuming meat from sick animals that have been treated with hormones and antibiotics. 

“Ractopamine is a controversial drug used widely as an animal feed additive in industrial factory farms, which accelerates weight gain and promotes feed efficiency in pigs, cattle, and turkeys. The drug’s imbalances mimic stress hormones and increase the rate at which the animals convert feed to muscle. Why are ractopamine, antibiotics, hormones, and arsenic fed to animals in the US? They are growth enhancers.”(4) “In 2013, when the US refused to comply with ractopamine-free certification, Russia closed its market to US beef, pork, and turkey.” (5)

Additionally, our food supply is tainted with GMOs and glyphosate (herbicide and antibiotic) sold to farmers and sprayed on the produce we consume, calling it conventional. "Glyphosate, sold as Roundup, has been banned in dozens of countries worldwide and by multiple Australian local governments because of its toxicity to humans.” (6) 

What Keeps The Body In A Constant State Of Imbalance?

1- Stress interrupts hormones, increases ageing, and reduces immunity.

2- Considering the many avenues for environmental and occupational mercury exposure, people with amalgam fillings are at significant risk for chronic mercury poisoning. Baby Foods can be tainted with dangerous levels of mercury. (24) Only through understanding the mechanisms of toxicity within these target organs can we better understand the confusing kaleidoscope of symptoms associated with mercury toxicity. It also helps to clarify why patients with seemingly disparate neurological, immunological and systemic disorders (including rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, lupus, ALS, thyroiditis, and mood disorders, often improve significantly or recover completely after mercury is removed from the body.”(7)

3- Pesticide use in the United States increased by over 250% in the last ten years. Unless one eats organic fruits and vegetables, one is continuously exposed to pesticides and herbicides. GMOs in non-organic vegetables and many processed foods cause brain atrophy, and other toxic products cause brain shrinkage. (8)

Studies have shown a wide variety of harm from glyphosate-based herbicides, including neurotoxicity and increased non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. (9)

4- Universally, grocery stores are littered with processed sugary items on every aisle. And these Pro-inflammatory foods increase the risk of central nervous system demyelination in most women. (10) The vicious cycle of junk sugars, refined sugar, and liquid sugar not only makes one crave more junk, the cycle of junk sugars also increases junk thoughts!

5- Today, we suffer from MORE skin issues, circulation issues, poor moods, digestive issues, addictions, and hormone imbalances, NOT LESS, yet we know more. Imbalances in our hormones and skin can be traced to the health of our gut. 

6- In the US and Australia, a high percentage of children and adults are found to be addicted to opioids, heroin, or pharmaceuticals. (11) Today, users often don't realize their street heroin has been laced with deadly fentanyl.

7- Imbalances are found in poor posture. “The diaphragm influences the body metabolic balance and stimulates the venous and lymphatic return.” (12)

8- Demyelination. According to Ana M. Adamo, Department of Biological Chemistry, “Demyelination is a pathological process characterized by the loss of myelin around axons.“Remyelination is a regenerative process by which myelin sheaths are restored to demyelinated axons, resolving functional deficits.”(13) 

“When it comes to our health, we need balance in every inch of our central nervous system, where demyelination has common pathological features characterizing white matter and neurodegenerative disorders.”

A relatively high incidence of neurodegenerative diseases may be due partly to the negative influence of daily risk factors including stress, lack of physical exercise, poor nutrition, obesity, cholesterol imbalances by sugar consumption, and alcoholism.” (14)  

"A disturbed balance, (imbalances) either as a result of behavior or of disease of any of our organs, may lead to pathology affecting the functioning of the entire individual."(15) Click to Tweet

13 Steps To Create Balance

1- Find healthy ways to release stress.

2- Make your own baby foods.

3- Lower your keto habit. Too much animal protein causes a fluid imbalance in the kidneys, so calcium levels are off. An abundance of protein without the necessary balance of other nutrients irritates the immune system, keeping it in a state of overactivity.

4- Quit smoking, and avoid harmful drugs and alcoholic drinks. Addicts are often blocking their pain with addictions. The more pain we block, the more pain we produce. Dependency on any level doesn’t allow growth.

5- Balance the Parathyroid with a healthy diet. Proper food choices can help bring our body back into balance. Eat more greens. Purchase organic fruits and veggies or grow your own.

6- Avoid synthetics. Synthetic supplements may have a potential negative impact on our blood cells. (16) For instance: Synthetic calcium is linked with cardiovascular events, kidney stones, and vascular calcification. Nature's Calcium comes from greens.

7- Eliminate a Western high-saturated fatty diet. This means avoiding vegetable oils and fried foods.

Add in nutritious foods and good fats such as avocado, wild salmon, organic almonds, and organic olive oil. (17) Omega-3 fatty acids build brain power. (18) Fiber from cruciferous veggies allows us to feel full longer without adding calories to assist in losing weight and maintaining that weight loss. (19) 

8- The body is electric; choose organic foods from Mother Nature's table that feed energy levels.

9- Drink more pure, clean water and eliminate caffeine. Water gives the body energy, not coffee.

10- Balance DHEA levels. (20) Cortisol is an anti-inflammatory stress hormone secreted by the adrenal or stress glands. Cortisol and DHEA are the body's two main long-acting stress hormones. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that breaks complex living tissue into smaller components. DHEA has anabolic or tissue-building effects and helps balance cortisol's metabolic influences. For good health, cortisol and DHEA levels must be adequately balanced.” (21)

11- Take daily walks outdoors to increase strength and vitamin D levels. Vitamin D supports gastrointestinal balance. (homeostasis) Low sunshine vitamin D levels have been inversely correlated with insulin resistance. Additionally, researchers found that insulin resistance is associated with substantial changes in our gut microbiome's composition and metabolic function. (22) The gut plays a role in brain health and the health of the nervous system. (23) Also, microbes in our gastrointestinal tract power our immune systems and keep our insulin and blood sugar levels balanced. We can improve immunity and decrease demyelination disorders by taking care of our gut microbiome.

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12- Stop drinking milk and milk products containing bovine growth hormones. GMO milk products can increase the risk for demyelination and nervous system disorders to about 47%.

13- Avoid OTCs and other unnecessary drugs that cause adverse side effects.

When our systems work optimally, our body works in harmony at the cellular level to provide balance and adequately eliminate waste.


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Life Hacks For Finding Balance Life Hacks For Finding Balance Life Hacks For Finding Balance Life Hacks For Finding Balance

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