Be The Master Of Your Destination

Be The Master Of Your Destination

Written by Connie Rogers

The foundation of our country’s history, both Australia and North America, reminds me of the ‘gangster planet’ by Star Trek. (a planet occupied by humans, ruled by organized crime) 

Our story begins with powerful drug lords running our countries. In fact, entire nations were built on the British East India Company and Virginia Company drug dealing. These said companies have a monopoly on opium and heroin trafficking. In the 1980s and ’90s, The Nugan Hand Bank of Sydney and the Americas CIA and Justice Department had a long history in drug trafficking. 

It’s troubling that we have social factors built on addictions and anaesthetizing ourselves. We have key industrial leaders hell-bent on destroying populations with medications and environmental agencies doing business with the most polluting corporations in the world. We have a world based on things that can harm us. Besides breaking apart the family unit, side effects from polluting our world with drugs include damage to our kidneys, and mental health, causing cellular inflammation in our endocrine, metabolic, immune, and central nervous system.

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Today, one hundred per cent of our life can be lived in an addictive stupor to avoid emotions, trauma, and fear. Diving into the reasons behind addiction, we may discover addiction is never just about addiction. Pain is one reason behind addiction where drugs, alcohol, work, or sex can give us the feeling of euphoria. Some confess drugs and alcohol make them feel they can somehow control their out of control lives. However, this delusional way of thinking is furthest from the truth.

Addiction leaves little room to expect our decisions to be clear and precise when thinking about taking a vacation. Travel, we feel, is a way to relieve the pressure of living. Maybe we find a resort where we can overindulge in the finer things in life. Perhaps it’s Disney World, where advertisers claim it’s the happiest place on earth. Sadly, our escape route can become problematic as open borders increase crime rates in big cities, and dealers can fraudulently market their goods to our children.

Over sixteen thousand pounds of fentanyl and heroin have crossed our borders in the last few years. 

This creates a ripple effect causing people to fall below the poverty level.

 Some drug lords thrive in poverty-stricken communities. If the below average person doesn’t have the finances for a vacation they may just spend what little they have left on opioids.

Pain, anxiety, and fear have been felt worldwide from overreaching government policies diminishing parental rights, shutting down family-owned businesses, destroying our economy, demanding forced isolation, and overmedication.

We Have An Opportunity To Vacation Towards A Higher Vibration

Isolation, we’re told, leads to lower vibrations. If we concentrate on raising our vibration, we can start to reverse cellular inflammation. To stop addictive patterns and decrease pain altogether, we must stop pretending to accept isolation and addiction as a lifestyle. The bag of lies can be so huge we may not be able to move in a direction away from pain and towards compassion unless we stop dragging this false life around.

Steps For Higher Vibration Include:

*Making time to help others.

*We can reduce fear and raise vibrational energy with meditative music.

*We can celebrate our life by making our voice heard.

*We can drink at least 10 cups of pure, clean water daily. The integrity of the water we drink helps improve vibrational energy. Poisons such as pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, and other chemicals and drugs in our water supply destroy our vibration.

*We can raise our vibration by expanding our consciousness. The good news is making a change in consciousness on this planet changes the entire universe.

How To Expand Consciousness.

To make any forward progress in expanding consciousness, an individual would need to face the turbulent nature of addiction and pull the plug. The next step is to create a stronger ‘YOU System.’ Turn on your GPS, and turn your back against the wind to push you forward into your true purpose. Your destination is where you take specific measures to increase your personal power, and by increasing personal power, you allow your pain to dissolve naturally. 

Get social, invite friends over for a purely delicious organic dinner. Talk to others about how you can all join together to make the world a better place that includes health security, food security, border security, and security in big cities.

Nourish your brain by designing a daily exercise plan just for you!

Higher consciousness includes loving yourself. Love always seeks truth, so stay true to yourself.

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Be The Master Of Your Destination Be The Master Of Your Destination Be The Master Of Your Destination Be The Master Of Your Destination

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