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Written by Connie Rogers

The reason most people are sick is that we are exposed to thousands of man-made chemicals and poisons in this world. Poison starts the disease process and prevents us from being the best we can be.

BFAs, opioids, obesogens, heavy metal contamination, Glyphosate, fertilizers, prescription drugs such as antidepressants, birth control pills and statins, fluoride dispensaries, and Atrazine pesticides are all found in our water supply. We are literally ingesting chemicals, medications, and pesticides in our drinking water.

 All the above can alter and damage our metabolism, digestive system, endocrine system, nervous system, skeletal system, immune system, and brain function. 

We assume suicide rates are counted accurately in every country, but deaths by toxic exposures, are not even estimated. Cooking eggs in Teflon pans or the chronic consumption of coffee, colas, processed sugars, and alcoholic beverages dehydrates our brain, circulatory system, and endocrine system, negatively changing our hormones; and all found causal in diseases. We know sugary cereals have been referred to as cereal killers, burning scented candles harm heart health, OTCs can harm our liver, and most cleaning products create toxicities in, on, and around us.

Endocrine-disrupting substances, such as caffeine, can change the microbiome in the brain and harm the frontal lobe, where the CEO of our brain lives and makes decisions. Caffeine, referred to as a psychoactive substance, shuts the frontal lobe off, overrides the decision-making process where we succumb to being primarily reactive, instead of active. 

Caffeine injury lowers testosterone levels, may delay the onset of sexual maturation, and decrease a man's strength. (1)

Chronic consumption of caffeine creates stress. (2)

Caffeine is well marketed at every corner of the city, so we can't possibly miss our craving for energy. Truth is, time spent in coffee shops filled with chocolates, lattes and energy drinks, is in actuality, designed to steal our energy.

Coffee is not a healthy drink; it's a harmful additive habit, harming the frontal lobe and causing atrophy to the hippocampus. Besides the outrageous gourmet prices it commands, coffee keeps us dazed, craving, toxic, and jittery. The pushers of this stimulant even go as far as including it in some prescription medications. This isn't science; this is a well-compiled war against humanity, which keeps us sick, stressed, tired, poisoned, and depressed.

Frankly speaking, statistics show more women than men are prone to Alzheimer’s disease.  I believe this is because women are exposed to more poisons than men before they leave for work in the morning. These include, but are not limited to, bleaching creams, shower soaps, sunscreens, deodorants, facial cleansers, makeup, mouthwash, hairspray, nail polish, and poor food and drink choices.

When a mother is toxic

A toxic pregnancy can bring on an array of reasons why a mother may suffer from adverse pregnancy outcomes, or her newborn may suffer from allergies or digestive complications. There have been concerns about caffeine consumption and its association with pregnancy complications, cardiovascular issues and osteoporosis among others.”(3)
 One scientific study found, “prenatal caffeine exposure adversely affects the development of the reproductive organs of the male rat offspring.”(4)

Nursing offers a fundamental and necessary connection and brain stimulus between mother and child. So what can stand in the way of this bonding experience? A mother may be using toxic skin care, medications, alcohol, perfumes, detergents, and dryer sheets. All collectively overwhelmingly damaging to the infants developing body and brain. “Caffeine, for instance, readily crosses the placenta and is also found in breast milk.”(5)

The National Health and Medical Research Council’s Australian Dietary Guidelines, specify that caffeinated beverages are not suitable for children. (6)

Taking this one step further, women may not be able to release unwanted weight gain, and suffer from painful menses and depression after years of toxic exposures. 

Men are toxic too

Men can also unknowingly suffer from the effects of toxic laundry detergents, dryer sheets, pesticides, and dry-cleaning chemicals. Chemical exposures can present themselves as depression, along with bigger breasts and bellies, stealing their manhood. Men with beer bellies have more fat and are more prone to diseases, such as diabetes, colon cancer, and prostate and kidney woes.

Men and women can suffer toxic effects from playing golf, where they pay high fees to be poisoned by Atrazine, a pesticide, sprayed on most golf courses around the globe.

It appears, athletes are poisoned at swim meets, football, soccer, and baseball games. Before exercise, I have seen some ingest energy drinks, candy bars, cereals of champions, donuts, chemicals and dyes found in sports drinks, and coffee with butter advertised a nutritional breakfast.

They can also unknowingly be poisoned in their favorite gym after pesticides are spayed, along with toxic cleaning products lingering in the air before a workout.

In our public school system children are exposed to poisons on a daily basis. These poisons include, lead in drinking water, pesticides sprayed inside and out, processed foods, sodas, energy drinks, hand sanitizers, medication such as Ritalin, puberty blockers and more. (7)

Coming full circle, in the last four years, the US has approved a water cremation process where the dead are water-cremated /boiled and put into our sewer system, once again poisoning our environment. (8)

 The minute we come into this world, we are poisoned. It’s time to take the road less traveled. Solutions are within our control if we can only stay focused on the path to health.

(Noteworthy: Most store-bought drinks do not contain filtered water.)


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What Can Sabotage Our Health? What Can Sabotage Our Health? What Can Sabotage Our Health? What Can Sabotage Our Health?

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