Well-Being Organically

Written by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

When it comes to looking after the environment we are reasonably well versed on what to do, what not to do and what options to strive towards.

However, it comes to our own well being what is organic or not is commonly undertaken as an extreme. Influenced by trends and popularity of what is right or wrong. Yet, omitting what will work or benefit use for the short and long term.

So, what does it mean to be practice well being organically, the green version?

To take of the most underestimated areas, as an example, is stress. This is like the tip of rubbish boxed together spilling over to all areas and while there maybe effort made to get rid of it, somehow it continues to build up, just as quickly as it has been thrown out.

Consider stress like the plastic bags in the world; occasionally necessary and useful, but overall to our detriment. We have a tendency to bury this at the back of cupboard and assume we will use it again.

But stress is not as forgiving as this. It has a way of seeping into our emotions, our health and our body. So, when all seems like it is going well, it really is not. At the same time, the dissatisfaction, the growing anxiety, unrest, sleepless nights and all of the other contributing factors associated nag in our mind, getting louder and louder.

So what, we all have stress, don’t we?

Well, it is more choosing what we want to deal with it. Suppress it until it consumes all areas, of life or create a system to release it that will become a strategy for health and optimal well being.

While some of the more usual recommend exercise, eating healthy and making an effort to have enough hours of sleep. There are alternatives that may suit better. Stress itself causes a need to react and suppression, as mentioned, results in a build up of unused energy – action waiting to happen.

One of the easiest, most efficient ways to dissipate stress is to use this energy, however, in a creative manner. This does not mean turning into an overnight artist. A lot of what is done throughout a day requires elements of creative thinking. By specifically focusing on this area, it engages the brain (enables better concentration) and engages the body (enables internal connection).

The other factor to include is that it does not need to take up hours or to be labour intensive. Five to ten minutes a day – ideally, three times a week will provide results.

Some suggestions on what to create include:

  • Adjust an existing recipe
  • Re-organize furniture in a room of the house
  • Change the colour style of a particular room by changing pillows or adding accessories
  • Change the style of clothing e.g. jeans to leggings, skirt to jeans.
  • Style hair differently e.g. have it up instead of down, try pigtails or moving the parting.
  • Listen to different music to what is usual
  • Best of all, family members can be involved in any part of this to make it more fun.

The more traditional methods include:

  • Writing (anything!)
  • Dancing and dance routines
  • Singing or playing an instrument
  • Learning a new language
  • Arts and crafts

Or create a list that is specific to the lifestyle and tasks of the day, changing one aspect of that routine. The best part is that this is cost effective, time efficient and fun.

As such, stress gets converted into something more practical while enabling balance Well-being starts with you and being organic means doing what will work for you, naturally and easily.

Well-Being Organically Well-Being Organically Well-Being Organically

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