4 Rules To Build Strength

by  Making Your Own Rules

4 Rules To Build Strength

Written by Connie Rogers 

In the US and Australia, there are many reasons for the sorry state of men's health. For example, it’s hard to find a worse diet than one loaded with hormone-disrupting chemicals, salt, poor fat choices, an abundance of processed sugars, fluoride, and toxic factory-farmed protein. On the other hand, it's easy to start a small garden indoors OR support farmers' markets where you live. Making your own decisions and rules about your health and happiness begins in your mind first. When understanding that basic principle, the single most important thing we can all do when changing food choices is to 'eat unprocessed.' 

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For men, elevated cortisol levels negatively impact testosterone levels. (1) Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone in men and plays a vital role in reproductive and sexual health. (2) When consuming a healthier diet, it’s easier to balance testosterone levels and take measures to work through stressful moments. 

Know The Cause To Declining Health.

  • Statistics show, in Australia and the US we have men 40-70 years old experiencing erectile dysfunction because of addictions to painkillers, smoking, steroid injections, alcoholism, and a high sugar diet. (3) The consequence of low testosterone levels and a high sugar/gluten diet are fivefold and they include decreased strength, increased belly fat, premature aging, CVD, and prostate cancer. (4) Cancer is a predictive outcome of a lifetime of poor habits.
  • BPA’s, (Bisphenol A) (5) are associated with erectile dysfunction, and leach into our body from plastic coffee makers, plastic food containers, plastic water bottles, lining in canned foods, and more. BPA’s side effects can be somewhat responsible for feminizing the male population.
  • Additionally, men are exposed to high levels of fluoride through water, food, and dental products posing as healthy. Alarmingly, fluoride, a waste product, is causal in increased cell cytotoxicity and imbalanced testosterone levels. (6)
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With a rapidly increasing amount of men looking for help outside of pharmaceuticals most will find it wise to man up, and develop ways to build strength, happiness, and increase pleasure naturally.

a. “Healthy testosterone levels in men are linked to a more muscular, leaner body, while sleep disturbances are associated with low testosterone levels, and low muscle strength.”(7) The health and happiness of the strong male depends on good sleeping habits.

b. To slow the epidemic of premature ageing, we can design our own nutritional strategies for our body, brain, hormones and eyes to work optimally. (8)  For instance, how many times have you heard cataracts are just a process of ageing? The facts are, doctors fail to report a high sugar diet plays a significant role in low testosterone levels, depression, and cataract formation. (9)  Science has proven that eating well is essential to maintaining testosterone levels, building strength, improving moods, and supporting eye health. (10)

4 Rules You Can Live By

1- The Rule Of Gratitude.

We can alleviate stress when we practice the state of gratitude. Gratitude is incompatible with daily bouts of anger, hate, or self-loathing.

2- The Rule Of Movement.

Movement fuels testosterone levels. We need to move as much as possible, every day, wherever you are. To avoid sitting all day on the computer you can purchase an adjustable standing desk for your office. You can also enjoy racquetball, skiing, biking, or hiking outdoors. Scheduling recreation time of 15-30 minutes outdoors is the best possible way of absorbing and managing vitamin D levels, which will help boost athletic performance and testosterone. (11)

3- The Rule Of Balance.

There is a delicate balance of the endocrine system, metabolic system, nervous system, circulatory system, cardiovascular system, gut microbiome, foods and certain minerals. “Dietary magnesium deficiency negatively affects our gut microbiome and anxiety levels.”(12)  And when magnesium levels are low, one may also see decreased testosterone levels. (13)

“Optimal magnesium levels are essential for our circulatory system, nervous system, and normal cardiac functions.”(14)  Drinking fresh lemon water helps us to absorb magnesium through foods, while magnesium-rich foods (such as kale, broccoli, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and asparagus) can help balance testosterone levels. According to Biological Trace Element Research, taking magnesium supplements may boost testosterone levels as well. (15) 

4- The Rule Of Self-Care.

Take a moment to review and remove alcohol, sugar, or drug addictions forever. Most would say, the dark moments in their life triggered the most positive changes. I've always found this to be true. When life leaves us feeling uncertain of our very existence, that's when with all our strength, we step up to recognize its importance.

Making these rules your own, I trust you would undoubtedly be on the path to a healthier, stronger, and happier life and all it has to offer. (16)

“What greater honour, that when a man moves forward, he leaves behind in each of us the best of what he was. A defender, protector, supporter, victor, a warrior, the last of the breed from an era when ships were made of wood and men were made of steel.”

Author Mac McGovern


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4 Rules To Build Strength 4 Rules To Build Strength 4 Rules To Build Strength 4 Rules To Build Strength

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