Boarding Will Commence Shortly

Boarding Will Commence Shortly

Written by Susie Taaffe

The world is opening for travel again – now what?? The last two years have seen stressful times with unknown outcomes. We have had to adapt to ‘not knowing what is around the corner’ which is extremely nerve-wracking. Our normal has changed. If this has resulted in carrying more weight, the first thing you need to do is be kind to yourself. We have been living in such a state of uncertainty - give yourself a break!

COVID Kilos – So What!

What we have all endured over the last two years must be recognised as traumatic and emotional. How do we learn to trust again? Having to change and cancel plans repeatedly has been the new normal. Watching government regulations for travel change overnight means we are constantly on our toes trying to keep up.

However, it is time to take off our stretchy pants and find some outfits to re-enter the world. No judgement on ourselves if half our wardrobe is now too small. If you can relate, I have some tips to guide you through your fashion re-entry to living again in this ‘new normal.

Post Covid Wardrobe

What does your wardrobe look like after two years of WFH and isolation? It is time for us to sort it out. I want everything out of there that doesn’t fit you right now! If you feel that you might not stay your current size, then let us box up the smaller stuff and put it out of sight. Constantly staring at clothes that don’t fit you is depressing. We have been through enough!!!! Personally, I am going to store my smaller clothes until the next season. If they don’t fit then, I will donate them which is my preference. You could also sell them or gift them to friends/family.

Now let us get your wardrobe back into action! I believe we should embrace ourselves exactly as we are right now. Taking away the clothes that don’t fit is a part of this process. Instead of reminding ourselves of what we are not, let us remind ourselves of what we are!

You are beautiful no matter what your shape or size. You matter even if your zip doesn’t do up. You are more than the size of your clothes. Think about your best friends. Do you care when they are a bit bigger or a bit smaller? Do you even notice? I’m guessing you do not. This is because you value them on their qualities that are not aesthetic. Kindness, laughter, empathy and understanding come in every size. That is what matters.

Boarding Will Commence Shortly

Finding The Gaps

So now that we know what clothes we are left with, we can work out the gaps that need to be filled. The beauty is being able to travel again! I do my best shopping when I am away! I am not someone who likes browsing the shops on a regular basis. I put this down to either a lack of patience or a lack of time. Which truthfully probably go hand in hand! Now we can go places again we need to make sure we have what we need or know we can source it where we are going! Often the destination has the types of clothes available that suit the climate and type of location. Noosa has lovely linen dresses for the beach and the USA has big warm winter coats! I would probably not find very good coats in Brisbane to suit a New York winter!!

Flexible Packing

In our new normal I feel that packing simply and flexibly will help to adapt to changing circumstances. We don’t know if flights will be cancelled or rescheduled, or plans changed at the last minute due to newly imposed restrictions. If we are toting four large suitcases it becomes a huge hassle to repack, reroute and lug all that junk around! Welcome back to the capsule travel wardrobe!! Of course, your destination will be critical for packing suggestions, so I am not going to list them all here. Instead let us reintroduce the premise of less is more. A good idea is to think back to other trips you have been on. What did you wear the most? What did you not even take out of your suitcase? What did you wish you had brought but didn’t? I have even been known to sketch out my outfits in advance to see what I can mix and match ahead of time! Yes, I am a total dork.

The Destination

Hot, cold, casual dressy or a combination? Work out the type of outfits you will need. Are you at an offroad beach without a fancy restaurant insight? Or In LA where all the cool cats are? Taking clothing that can be mixed and matched is essential to travelling light. Accessories are also small to pack but can completely change the look of an outfit. I usually get my itinerary and write it out day by day with am/pm and if there is an event. Then you can look at what you need plus when you have time or will need to do some laundry. This is highly effective in not overpacking. Plus, I find it makes life easier when you are away as your outfits have been pre-planned. No more ‘what am I going to wear today!!

Boarding Will Commence Shortly

Travel Outfits

I have certain items I wear when travelling but not often at home because of their flexibility and ability to match everything. Comfort is key as sometimes there are days spent in Ubers, trains, planes, boats. I always travel in extremely comfortable but stylish clothing. I am from a family that always dressed up for plane travel. It is probably old fashioned but wearing activewear in an airport never felt right. We would take leggings or pyjamas to change into on the plane if it was a long-haul flight and would usually wear a well-cut fitted jacket that can be taken off when you are seated. This also gives you a stylish day travel outfit for in-between cities that are not necessarily long-haul travel. I also find that wearing something with decent pockets is excellent for plane travel so you can keep certain items handy without needing to go into your bag.

Have Fun!

Most of us have had so many travel restrictions imposed lately that it feels daunting to be back out in the world again. Our new ‘normal’ has severely changed and the last two years feel a bit like a horror movie. However, if you have both a flexible attitude and a travel wardrobe, I think we can take the world by storm and start living our lives again. Personally, I will be off to the US in March and am VERY much looking forward to it. I have severely missed the US outlets and will be filling the large gaps in my wardrobe over there. Some might say there is a silver lining to a few extra Covid kilos 😉

All aboard!!!!

Much love Susie xoxo

Boarding Will Commence Shortly Boarding Will Commence Shortly Boarding Will Commence Shortly Boarding Will Commence Shortly

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