Confessions of an Erotic Writer

Confessions of an Erotic Writer

Written by Naomi Radke

I’ve got a confession to make. It’s kind of raw, it gives me knots in my stomach and usually, I don’t share it, especially with a global audience! I feel as we slowly emerge from our own versions of lockdown, that it is important to tell my story not only to clear it out but in the hope that it may help one other ‘emerging’ woman step out and proud into her power.

The story begins a couple of years ago, I was lying in bed after my brain woke me in the middle of the night with a revelation. My partner and I had just previously talked about using my writing skills to blend my previous life of travel into some sort of travel blog where (I’m a little embarrassed to say!) the goal was to get free hotel accommodation if I reviewed them. It’s taken me a while, but I have now learned that these middle-of-the-night intermissions are usually thoughts that turn out to be right, so of course, I listened to this one.

Intimate Revelations

My profound thought was to not write about the hotel, but to write about what happens in hotels … yes … I’m talking about erotic stories. It was a revelation to me where it felt completely right and ok to consider that me, a mum, could do this and women would follow my stories and perhaps unlock their intimate identity. I had my own stories to turn into fiction as well as a unique ability to talk to other women and draw out stories for episodes as well as an oddly wild imagination. All ingredients that I thought would make it all fall into place.

A few years on now and although I have some enlightened ladies that follow me … I should have more. I know women on the ‘right’ or ‘more right’ side of forty deserve to create a viral phenomenon with me and openly release their sensual goddess by reading raunchy tales. To me reading about other people’s sensual experiences is a low threat approach to learning more, finding out what ignites fire within or simply expands your fantasies.

Beware Of The Sensuality Police

It is now that I can reveal my opinion on why some of us might be hesitant to admit we like intimacy, sex and, also reading about it. I believe it has a lot to do with conditioning and a pinch of social expectations. I also refer to it as ‘the society police’ or more recently which I have renamed to the ‘sensuality police’ who lurk ready to judge. I am guilty of feeling awkward about entering a conversation with, ‘Oh, by the way, I write intimate stories for women’ so I do understand if a woman finds it awkward to sign up to an intimate story club. Ladies, we all need to change this attitude.

Confessions of an Erotic Writer

Anyone Who I Find Is Sensually Enlightened Is Having A Better Day!

They say the best time to plant a tree is a hundred years ago, but the second-best time to plant a tree is now. The same goes for sensual enlightenment, now is never too late. It doesn’t matter how old, how round, or how you look, EVERY woman has a sensual goddess within her that just needs nurturing out. If you need any more convincing, then go and do your own research, but in the interests of your busy day, let me share my observations. Put simply, women who are obviously sensually enlightened are having a better day! They look chilled, things appear to worry them less and their skin glows!

Being sensually enlightened to me means that you have found a way free of the conditioning, don’t care what other people think (or the sensual police think) and look forward to cheeky ways of instigating sensual activity. The cherry on top is a sensually enlightened woman is a powerhouse in her relationship as she has a very eager partner with a swagger that is always on tap. A sensually enlightened woman relishes in her sensual power and is proud of it. If you are still on the way to finding your sensual enlightenment, then do not fear! The good news is that there are a few simple steps to finding yours …

1. Figure Out What Turns You On

Before any great change, it’s important to pull everything apart and go back to the basics, which in sensual terms means finding out what actually turns you on. Is it touch, foreplay, watching female focussed sex, or talking erotically? It could be any of these or many others, but the key is to educate yourself on YOU, and what YOU like. A great way to do that is to read about it, it’s in your own time, you’re free to flex your fantasy muscle and imagine yourself in the situations. Trust me, reading intimate stories that are guaranteed to be female focussed work. I write them for women who are emerging or expanding their sensual goddess.

2. Ask For What Turns You On

Once you’ve figured out WHAT turns you on, you can shift to phase two and work on asking for it. There is no shame in asking ladies. Period. It is ok to feel awkward at first but that is temporary as anything new will take time to get used to. You get to set the environment to bring up your desires, perhaps have a bath with your partner, talk about it over drinks or on a long drive in the dark! If you are really struggling, then seek out counselling where you will get more tips on how to bring your sensuality up. It doesn’t matter where or how you bring it up, just find where you are comfortable and go for it because now is the time!

Ditch The Rules

It’s time to ditch the old rules and honour our sensual goddesses. There is a shift in the sensual force that I’ve noticed in movies where so many are coming out with powerful female heroines, and they are sexy and self-assured. They don’t seek permission and either, should we.

Hi, I’m Naomi, a Mum who writes intimate stories and I have a better day because of it!

When are you going to unleash your sensual goddess? She’s getting impatient!

Confessions of an Erotic Writer Confessions of an Erotic Writer Confessions of an Erotic Writer

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