Written by Connie Rogers

If you want to join another FAD diet here's what you need to consider. There is a myth that we need to eat less and exercise more in order to lose weight. But successful weight loss entails lessening toxic exposures in the foods we choose to eat. Why?  It’s our gut microbiota that we need to tune into (before any diet) as a strategy to prevent obesity and treat chronic disease

Fad diets, frequently alter our risk for disease

One in three children and teens in the U.S., are either overweight or obese. Obesity we’re told, wears out insulin receptors,  changes moods, causes brain atrophy, and shortens telomeres increasing our risk for premature aging. 

 So we resort to diet foods forgetting what we eat has a significant impact on our gut microbiome, and our brain. (To reinforce this statement, nourishing foods are key to gut and brain health, while inflammatory conditions from chemically altered foods equal neuron-degeneration.)

Below are 11 diets that can increase our risk of inflammatory conditions!

1- Weight Watchers GMO diet. A diet with over 45 questionable ingredients, and numerous chemicals, such as MSG, that increase our risk for obesity and keep us from losing weight. Chemically speaking, MSG is approximately 78 percent free glutamic acid, and 21 percent sodium. These salts harm our neurotransmitters in our gut and in our brain. They disrupt our hormones, blood sugar, heart health, blood pressure, Circadian Rhythms, kidney function and gut microbiome.

2- Lean Cuisine frozen processed food diet, most lacking in whole food ingredients. Fillers include but are not limited to corn starch, soy, wheat, and sugar. Some contain toxic vegetable oils, salts, and trans-fats. 

3- The cookie diet, (lifeless and dead food) the Scarsdale diet, (limiting healthy foods) the Zone diet, the high fat, low fat, blood type, water, and the air diet! (That’s like the old air guitar!)  All deficient in micronutrients.

4- And of course, there’s the diet where you only eat one food category at a time.  Don’t cross-pollinate by eating a fruit and a veggie at the same time. (Remember the gorillas who are extremely strong and powerful.  They’ll eat a leaf, a seed, a berry, grazing throughout the day. Seems to work pretty well for them.)

5- A diet of stressful emotions consistently keeps the body in fight or flight mode, never accomplishing the goal of weight loss. Understanding the path emotions play on our gut microbiome is important in preventing obesity.

6- And then there’s the counting calorie diet. Starve yourself all day and come home to eat enough for 3 people. (a sample of everything in the refrigerator, plus chips and a wicked dessert) 

7- The school lunch program diet. Children have a hard time learning on a highly processed sugary diet. The hallmark of childhood obesity from highly processed carbs is a fatty liver. Additionally, a carton of rBGH milk can contain unwanted hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics. 

8- The Subway Diet. The claim to fame was about consuming sandwiches, chips, and diet coke for 11 months. YIKES! Artificial sweeteners have been shown to cause weight gain, headaches, depression, PLUS increase our risk for diabetes, cancers and seizures.

9- The French Fry & Popcorn diet!  We’ll call it the Crunch Munch Lunch diet.  Who’s in? Eat french fries for a year and see how you feel if you aren’t dead yet!  This diet is laced with trans-fats and other toxic chemicals and salts.  GMO Popcorn is all puff, creating inflammation and bloat in the gut. From allergies to dermatitis GMO corn lacks minerals and nutrients, keeping us sick, fat and depressed.

10- Don’t forget the drive-thru diet. See pictures of donuts, lattes and more, and blindly place your order. The less energy spent on purchasing them, the better the chance of improving sales and gaining weight.

11- The current fad is the Keto diet, and yes, the food industry loves to jump on every trend as they make big fat money!!!!  Grocery stores, health stores, online ads, chiropractors, are non-stop with Keto, the newest craze!  A report was released that the Keto diet can increase heart problems and insulin resistance. Additionally, a high animal fat protein diet can cause issues in the gut microbes and kidneys resulting in metabolic acidosis. Gee, what a surprise!  

It’s only a matter of time before this one fades away someone creates the next new FAD. 

The point, 75% of Americans are overweight. That’s strong evidence diets don’t work! Diets create imbalances. 

Fact: Diet food powders, puddings and drinks contain chemicals and synthetics that can create imbalances in the brain, gut and blood sugar levels increasing our risk for intestinal permeability (Leaky Gut). 

Fact: FAD diets don’t promote good gut microbiome. Their job is to get you hooked. And what’s worse, the body can only put up with so much before it breaks down, and we find ourselves in need of medical attention.

Fact: Obesity and yo yo diets trigger metabolic disorders, including insulin resistance, NAFLD, diabetes, CVD and sleep apnea. This means decades spent in the latest DIET ARENA create disease which shortens our lifespan. But don’t fret, Big Pharma and the billion dollar diet industry will be there as long as we buy into it.

It’s easy to see by looking in grocery carts APPEAL is in frozen, diet, and packaged foods. Greens are a rarity and take a back seat.
Every day we make choices that are guided by our desires and our knowledge. If the desire is not only to lose excess body fat but also take back our personal health, it begins with moving from desire to decision.

A decision is a line in the sand. From this day on, everything changes!

A great place to start is with a Holistic Health Coach, with years of education and experience.  Someone who provides the direction, the map, the support, and the education so you have the right tools to create lasting results. There are about 50 trillion cells orchestrated to play perfectly in our body. So what happens when we see an increase in diets, obesity and disease? It’s never just about one note off key. It’s a concert full of notes, habits, beliefs and decisions that bring down the choir. 

Learn what changes you can make that change your struggles into strength.


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