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Adults and children alike are absorbing more brain-damaging chemicals today than in the sixties. Our body's largest organ, our skin, absorbs toxins not only from what touches the skin but from what we eat and what we are exposed to. Research suggests poor nutrition increases our risk for mental disorders, obesity, and brain atrophy. But did you know, the process of accelerated chronic lifestyle choices may slow metabolism, decrease cognition and increase premature aging?

Chronic Lifestyle Choices can include:

  • eating on the run,
  • exposure to chemicals that mimic hormones,
  • a poor gut microbiome,
  • a sedentary lifestyle,
  • living with constant stress,
  • and lack of adequate sleep.

5 Tips You Can Use Today

1- Precious time is freely spent and taken over by addictive habits. Estrogen dominance can be caused by endocrine disruptors, which in turn are causal in fat gain, low libido, diabetes, water retention, and bloating. This process can increase our risk for poor cognition, brain fog, wrinkled skin, and premature aging. Why? Because our brain and skin health can be influenced by hormonal imbalances. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals are found in perfumes, skincare products, foods, pesticides, alcohol, and more.


Hormone mimicking endocrine disruptors play a pivotal role in estrogen dominance and can lead to skin and other cancers. We can increase wellbeing by decreasing chemical assaults in our life to achieve different results.

2- More serotonin is found in our gut than our brain. If our body lacks certain nutrients, there can be serotonin deficiency, which in turn can lead to increased depression and belly fat. But most importantly, “serotonin influences gastrointestinal blood flow and is involved in multiple physiological processes of digestion." That leads us to stress. Stress hinders wellbeing and can increase our risk for poor cognition, digestive disorders, and premature aging of our skin.

“Our skin and gut are uniquely related in purpose and function.” And so, with low serotonin levels, the body can’t regulate blood sugar levels, which has connections in diabesity, aging, and poor cognition.


"Research suggests that exercise increases brain serotonin function.” Exercise has antidepressant qualities and also ensures beautiful skin.

3- A fat to forget. Trans fats can be found in fried chicken, french fries, fried shrimp, donuts, cookies, and junk foods, causing neurodegeneration.

Trans fats harm our central nervous system and brain, causing significant adverse changes in mood and mitochondrial health. Trans fats have an association with increased aggression, diabetes, obesity, and skin aging.


Say no to toxic oils, including trans fats. Take necessary steps to increase the intake of antioxidants and dietary fiber for brain and skin health.

4- Advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) are the result of a chain of chemical reactions after an initial glycation reaction. Food manufacturers have added AGEs to foods, especially in the last 50 years, as flavor enhancers and colorants to improve appearance. Dyes in our foods can harm our brain. Take, for example, Blue dye # 2. This dye is known to cause “significant incidence of tumor” particularly brain tumors in rats.” Dyes have also been linked to ADD. They are found in candies, colored beverages, cereals, sodas, snow cones, and other junk foods. Artificial food dyes can be a by-product from petroleum and other toxic chemicals which may cause inflammatory conditions in our skin.


Make it a habit to read labels.

5- Being tired all the time is not normal and can be a contributive factor in poor mental performance and Alzheimer’s Disease.

There are more than fifteen multiple components responsible for fatigue. These include but are not limited to imbalances in circadian rhythms, consuming pro-inflammatory foods, poor metabolism, immune system disorders, an abundance of free radicals, oxidative stress, obesity, depression, lack of movement and more. Interestingly enough, IBS has a high comorbidity with high-stress levels, poor skin health, and low energy levels.


Reduced cognitive function, skin disorders, obesity, and immune system imbalances can threaten the productivity of nations. Get the support you need and take personal actions to build immunity and rejuvenate your skin and brain health. Connect with me today!

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