Written by Kevin Kapusi Starow

Ingredients Salad

  • 10                    Nectarines halved & pip removed
  • 5                      Asparagus Spears, green trimmed, blanched & refreshed
  • 4                      Baby Beetroot, roasted, peeled & quartered
  • 1                      Tomato, peeled & seeded
  • 20                    Crostini (thin sliced bread that has been toasted)
  •                         Puffed Wild Rice

Almond Milk Ingredients

  • 200gm             Toasted Almonds, crushed
  • 150 ml             Almond milk (non sweetened)
  •                         Salt
  •                         Sugar

Blood orange gel Ingredients

  • 250 ml             Blood Orange Juice
  • 5 gm                Gellan

Method Salad

  • I like to grill the nectarines on a hot French grill plate, to get eh bar marks. Do this for all cut sided of the fruit.
  • Cut the halves into quarters.
  • Slice the sections of tomato into several pieces, as you prefer.

Method Milk

  • Place the nuts and milk in a pot together with a pinch of salt and sugar. Then heat to 90c for several minutes.
  • Allow to infuse for half an hour, then blend with an immersion blender till smooth.
  • Pass the liquid through a fine cloth to remove any nut remnants, place in a container and cool.

Method Gel

  • Place the juice into a pot and sheer in the gellan with an immersion blender.
  • Heat to 95c to allow the gel to hydrate.
  • Remove from the heat and allow to cool.
  • Once cool blend with an immersion blender till smooth, adjust with extra juice if required.


  • Arrange a selection of the nectarine quarters, tomato, beetroot, and asparagus spears on your chosen plates.
  • Pipe several spots of gel onto your plate.
  • Top with the puffed rice and the crostini
  • Then flood the plate with the almond milk

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