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ebubblelife vegan bowl

Sweet Potato Power Bowl

Written by Kelsey Riley How to get Started with a Plant-Based Lifestyle We have been hearing more and more about living a plant-based lifestyle, but does that mean, and how can we achieve it? Let’s break down what it means to be plant-based, why this is important, and what simple steps you can take to move toward your goals. Why…

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banana cake vegan on striped blue plate

Vegan Banana Cake With Coconut

Vegan Banana Cake Here is a delicious sweet recipe that utilizes those mature bananas that have outlasted their eating time, though not their cooking time. Often bananas are wasted once they reach a certain point, the best thing to do in that case, is to peel them and pop them in the freezer. From there you can use them in…

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ramen bowl

Homemade Ramen Bowls with Kombu

Homemade Ramen Bowls Being a soup tragic, it will be no surprise to you that Ramen is a favorite variety of soup for me. Many times have I savored the scolding hot broth, slurping up the noodles in a ramen bar on a winters day in northern Japan. Nothing is better as, outside the wind is blowing, the snow falling…

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horseradish & kale chimichurri in white bowl

Kale and Horseradish Chimichurri

Chimmichurri is a staple in homes throughout South America, each one of which adds has its own special touch to the recipe. The accompaniment is used predominantly for BBQ meat dishes in particular Asado, though in reality can be served with just about anything. Kale and Horseradish Chimichurri is a variation of this basic recipe which although not traditional, punches…

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ebubble life mushrooms cooked

Wild Mushroom & Pork

When you are struggling to get the kids settled after school, and you need to have something prepared for dinner. Which needs to be nutritious, quick and simple enough to allow you to complete the rest of your tasks before bed. Wild Mushroom & Pork is a recipes which is super simple, tasty, and is always a winner with the…

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chocolate pudding in glass with gold spoon

Chocolate Chestnut Pudding

Chocolate Heaven Chocolate Chestnut Pudding is a dessert you will quickly come to adore, as it has all the hallmarks of a classic winning sweet. We all, or at least most of us, love that sweet hit after a meal, many I know actually replace their meals on a regular basis with sweets, though that is a conversation for another…

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seared scallop on onion puree

Seared Scallops & Onion Puree

One of my favourite items of seafood is the scallop when cooked correctly, unfortunately, it is too often overprepared. Which doesn’t need to be, and you would not be scared to cook it, if you follow the directions in this recipe you will hit the remark every time. Seared Scallops & Onion Puree is a recipe that highlights the essence…

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mini wattelseed pavlova with fruit topping

Wattleseed & Maple Pavlova

Taking a classic dessert and changing it up by using maple syrup instead of white sugar, really hits the spot. Wattleseed & Maple Pavlova is a favourite of mine it hits the spot if you are looking to avoided white sugar. With the addition of wattleseeds, a bush tucker ingredient, and you couldn’t make it more Aussie. Wattleseed & Maple…

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wedge of mad mexican sandwich

Mad Mexican

Snack Idea For the Kids (Mad Mexican) Mad Mexican is a great recipe for your kids and their friends to enjoy, because one Mad Mexican can feed upto 10 hungry bellies depending on the size of your tortillas. It a great way to get the kids in to the kitchen, as they can customise this recipe to their own likes,…

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stuffed butternut pumpkin on wooden chopping board

Quinoa Stuffed Butternut Pumpkin

Pumpkin Delight Lets face it pumpkin is an ever favorite, and combine that with a currently popular quinoa stuffing as an ingredient and you have a winner every time, its Quinoa stuffed! In this recipe the author has created a delicious recipe that is also suitable for those who prefer to be vegan (if you leave out the cheese) or…

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spiced & cooked chicken thigh

Spiced Sumac Chicken

If you are a chicken lover and are not averse to spice, and I am not talking about chilli spice, but the more general spices. Then this is the recipe for you, Spiced Sumac Chicken is a combination of spices including sumac and paprika, that when combined. Help to create an amazing flavour experience, the family will love, with its…

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Zatar bread cut on wooden board

Za’atar Manaqish

If you are anything like me your Achilles heel of the gastronomic world is good bread. Za’atar Manaqish is one of those breads, which I came across first some years back at a middle eastern bakery. Now I am all for trying new things, I saw the Za’atar Manaqish, asked what it was, tried it, and have had an affair…

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