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Written by Naomi Radke

There is nothing more exposing to a woman’s deepest inner thoughts … than a mirror, especially when we are standing in front of it naked. This simple piece of glass with a reflective coating that frames magical powers sending out secret whispers direct to our souls, influencing our opinion of our ‘Mum-Bods’. It is an honour to have a Mum-Bod, and it is time we get them out in the open and find out how each one of ours can, and should, be our secret sensual weapon!

The definition of a Mum-Bod according to my favourite ‘curiosity busting’ tool, Google, tells us that it is “a body typical of a woman who has had a child or children and isn't super-fit”. After my laughing subsided about the ‘one size fits most’ approach, I forgave Google as no woman post baby is the same, and personally am not comfortable in being ‘defined’, AND not everyone of us were super fit before kids anyway! We can let Google off the hook for this one with the appropriate amount of scorn … but we do have eyes in the back of our heads to keep us vigilant to rogue blanket definitions!

The fact that I reacted to it drives me to unpack my emotion around this topic and lift the rug off the elephant in the room, as I have a sense that I am not the only woman that has a ‘Mum-Bod’. To truly look at and love each beautiful part of our bodies and dispel some of the myths, allows us to get on with shakin’ that Mum-Bod like it was stolen!!

Mum-Bod Myth 1: (Superpower)

How you look is a measure of how sensual you are


Sensuality is about the enjoyment of pleasure, which is attached to emotion, an experience, or something that just feels good! The Latin derivative of emotion is defined as ‘energy in motion’. Joe Dispenza, a renowned expert in the human brain, states that “emotion is felt and the remembered stories around that emotion are the thoughts”. If pleasure is the energetic-emotion and it is connected to our thoughts, then it suggests that our how we feel about our ‘Mum-Bod’ can change by a shift in our state of mind. Yay! That means we can awaken our Intimate Goddesses by changing the way we feel about ourselves by truly seeing the energetic beauty within when she is looking back at us in the mirror. It only takes a shift in ‘energy’ to spark a different view of ourselves and choosing to feel sensual … completely independent of how we look.

Mum-Bod Myth 2:

Not all women have rolls when they bend over


I thought I was the only one with rolls until I read a post from a wise glamourous lady who set this straight. Ladies think of when we bend our pointer finger as an example, the excess skin must puff out somewhere! It would be nice to walk around in real life being airbrushed but obviously that is a false positive. As we are constantly subjected to subliminal messages of unrealistic perfection, we can be forgiven for thinking that there is some ridiculous measure to meet. Don’t get me wrong, I also admire and celebrate women who are blessed with tidier body packages than me, but I have found peace in knowing that my rolls are perfectly imperfect because I CHOOSE to see them that way. I suspect that it is within every woman to choose to embrace every perfect roll, line, or dimple if we give ourselves a moment to love ourselves for who we are … even love ourselves out loud and support our beautiful sisters in doing the same. Clearing up this myth is important as it dissolves its effect and keeps our minds in the emotion of a sexy moment, or the thought of one, confident in our own skin.

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Mum-Bod Myth 3:

I do not like my stretch marks


They are SEXY because they are part of our STORY! For every woman that sees her stretch marks in the mirror, there is another one wishing she had them … if you really think about that, it is very humbling. While we do not need to feel guilty for having them, we can view them in a positive space. With physical touch being a powerful sense that stokes the sexual fire within, it is not the look of the stretch marks that matter, just as long as they are being touched! Especially when we combine the emotion of the moment. To prove this point, think back to the last exhilarating moment of climax, we ARE DEFINITELY NOT thinking about our stretch marks then!! Even if you do not have stretch marks, physical touch can conquer any part of our bodies that we linger on, the trick is being open to its power.

Now that we are owning our Mum-Bods and embracing that they are simply the vessels that carry our inner sensually demanding goddess, we are now free to open the gate and let her out!

Two things are likely to happen …

1. Your partner will notice before you do …

They will come home and not be able to really put their finger on it (excuse the pun!) but there will be something about your energy that draws them in. If this occurs … act now!

2. They won’t notice at first (Superpower)

If your Intimate Identity is still a little shy, that’s ok, she just needs some more self-love or a trigger to awaken her. Find something sexy to read or watch (yes, it is ok to watch tasteful erotica!) and imagine it is you in the story. Not only will this distract you from the busy-ness that floods your mind, but it will also flick that sexy switch which kicks the e-motional desires into gear. Your sexy Mum-Bod will just come along for the ride!

Our Mum-Bods are our strongest gift when we embrace our sensual energy and ‘own it’! We no longer need to even consider hiding away or covering our perfectly imperfect ‘hail damage’, because we have figured out that our power sits in our state of mind, and we get to change that whenever we want, without fear or shame.

Join me, and let’s take our armies of Mum-Bods and entice our partners (or potential partners if you are going for round two!) into a magical sexually empowered e-sensual experience!  

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