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As told by a lover of the multiple kind …

Written by Naomi Radke

Can you imagine if we all stayed in a constant state of ‘orgasm’? Whoa, that would be a pretty zenned out world! Where do I sign up?! As an intimate writer, I guess it is not surprising that I have been researching the delights of the orgasm, sometimes just to describe them better in my stories and other times seeking secrets of how to get more. Recently, however, I have been wondering if they could be good for the health of ladies like us, and have compiled some of that research, added some personal experience to come up with a formula to convince us all that it is imperative to have more!

Not long ago I received some skincare tips from my daughter as she was drying and straightening my hair. (I know right? I looovvved it!). #bragging. Anyway, she was telling me that if I used some special cream (that was all blah blah to me) then “I would never get wrinkles”. It made me giggle for a couple of reasons, first, no wrinkles are an Instagram fantasy and my true thoughts on that are reserved for another article, and secondly, I am fifty this year and should not wrinkles already be here? The fact that she was talking as if they had not happened yet lead me to believe that she had not detected many on my face. Yay! 

To continue my mum-bragging, she also organised for Mother’s Day a massage and facial session at an Endota Spa near me that she ‘made’ her brother pay half for. It was amazing and I loved it but as usual they got me to answer questions about my skin on an iPad prior to my session. I couldn’t help myself and just had to answer the one about ‘what do you want more of for your skin’, with ‘more smile lines’! Although the lovely perfect skinned young lady did not understand my humour, the statement was true for me. I will be rapt that at the end of my days I have an oversupply of smile lines proving I had a life that where laughter was my medicine.

Now as I proudly have a knack of making a long story longer, hang in there as I circle back to orgasms! My beauty routine is probably naughty but all I do for face skincare is wear a BB cream sunscreen and cleanse before bed, the latter mostly because my extremely clean partner gets upset when my mascara ALWAYS ends up on his pillow! I am not suggesting you follow my lead but according to the observation of my closest young and beautiful critic, it must be working. I cannot imagine my super simple skincare routine is the sole source of hiding my wrinkles, so this leads me to believe that there is something bigger at play. I feel that I need to place some weight on the fact that I am happy in my own skin however the only other major part of my life left that could have an impact is my pro-orgasm choice and am convinced that a healthy supply must be a secret ingredient and the cause of mascara on his pillow!

There is much to find on the web on the health benefits of orgasms, so have compiled a list of my favourites but first I must set the context of this orgasm study. It is important to understand that an orgasm is an orgasm and the source of one is not the make or break. You DO NOT have to wait to receive one from someone else, there is always the good old self-help version! It was important to me that I cleared that up, especially in a world where lockdown can occur at any moment, we need to have contingencies, ladies!! 

Here are some great reasons to seek more orgasms in your life …

Nature’s Relaxant 

I have always joked about ‘having the best sleep ever’ post orgasm and it turns out that there is some science behind it. After an orgasm, they say that there is a delightful mix of oxytocin and prolactin released which are relaxant hormones then our amazing bodies add a pinch of endorphins that are unlocked with sex, and you have got yourself into a sleepy state of repair. It is widely known that sleep is the best medicine. Tick … a health benefit!

Could orgasms mend a broken heart?

Ok, if you have ever had your heartbroken, then this may be a little farfetched, but it turns out orgasms are still good for your heart. Studies have shown that orgasms reduce your level of cortisol which is a stress hormone, and less stress means your heart benefits. I would not suggest going off any heart medication, but it seems an orgasm is going to assist in keeping your heart pumping baby!

If you feel good, then you look good!

Even with post-orgasm crazy hair, I certainly feel amazing laying back feeling like the most beautiful maiden in the land! I was excited to discover an orgasm also causes the human growth hormone to be released which makes the skin look more elastic. Mmmm, maybe that is why I do not have too many wrinkles yet? It certainly looks like that a female orgasm can work on your skin from the inside and ah hem there is evidence that men’s orgasm contains vitamin E … I will leave that thought with you! Anyhoo …  I just need to work out a way to bottle an orgasm … an odd but interesting concept!

Stay in shape down there

This benefit is an amazing hack for women that an orgasm is a delightful way to do pelvic floor exercises without effort! During an orgasm, the vaginal wall contracts and hopefully pulses, taking you to bliss-ville, and aside from your eyes rolling back in your head, the result is a toning workout for your bits. Research tells me that this is good for bladder control and get this, core strength! So, ladies, drop and give me more of those orgasms, or as my partner would say, “Take two and call me in the morning!

If you are not convinced that orgasms make you healthier, that is ok, as their simple delightful, indulgent pleasure is also enough of a reason to demand them as a priority in your life. Ladies, as the centre of a community, keeping you in peak condition is not a luxury, it is a necessity as it has a ripple effect. Excuse the pun! My unqualified but highly experienced opinion is to …

Keep calm and have more orgasms!

Are Orgasms good for your health? Are Orgasms good for your health? Are Orgasms good for your health? Are Orgasms good for your health?

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