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Any opportunity to spend quality time with your family should be taken advantage of. Doing activities together and sharing laughter during an afternoon is something that is priceless. Happiness and family health are two things that go hand in hand.

What is fitness? (Energizing the Family)

Fitness is a way of being what will help you and your family to look better, feel better and have a better performance in their daily lives. It is the ability to perform tasks full of energy and still be able to do other things with your time, be it working, going to school ...

Being part of the fitness wave is choosing to create a foundation for good health and well-being. Fitness involves improving the performance of the heart, lungs, and muscles of the body. Because of that, families increasingly choose to join this new lifestyle to take care of their health and their bodies and giving them the opportunity to get closer.

It is known that getting family activities can be somewhat difficult when everyone has such different tastes. But doing exercises as a family helps you get the energy you need to keep up with your daily routines. Also, it's a good way to have a fun time together. This initiative can be a great help for the little ones to introduce the benefits of sporting activities and for their growth in the future.

Nowadays, most people usually have fun playing with electronic devices. The internet as well as smartphones and social media has led to an unprecedented increase in depression and mental health issues.  Whilst it is good to become familiar with new technologies, it is important to strike the balance to maintain a non-sedentary lifestyle and get everyone moving to release those endorphins.  

Benefits of being family fitness

Energizing your family for fitness has many advantages for everyone involved. Not only it helps the family to bond but also guarantees an improvement in your health and reduces the consequences that a sedentary lifestyle may have done on your family.

One of the main benefits of fitness is that it helps to avoid excess weight. Movement helps you to burn the calories that your body does not need assist with a better figure and appearance.

On the other hand, you can develop strength and flexibility because your legs, arms, and torso are always stretching and moving. This allows muscular tissues to be stronger and more flexible.

In addition, incorporating a fitness lifestyle helps you to relax your body, mind, and improve the quality of sleep. Perhaps the most important aspect of exercising as a family is strengthening family ties and nourish relationships.

How to start being a more active family?

It is best to start one step at a time. Don’t feel like it is an obligation to complete but rather incorporate it into your daily or weekly routine. One of the first steps to start having a fitness life is to understand why it is important. Talk to your children about the benefits they will get from doing sports.

Exercise is about habit. Always remember one hour of physical activity everyday for a week is much better than doing seven hours of exercise for one day a week.

• As long as you can walk, do it.

Whenever you can, choose the option of walking to school, running errands, daily activities and even visiting friends and family. This incorporates exercising into your daily routine while fulfilling your duties. By the way, you also save a bit of petrol money. Another good idea is to go on a family run.

• Promote fun activities

Each time there is free time, propose activities to do together that you know kids will like. It is important to include them in the decision making process. Any activity that involves movement is good.  It can be playing soccer, dancing, riding a bicycle, rock climbing...

• Yoga

Lately, it is very fashionable to do yoga as a family. It is a way to relax with your loved ones while doing exercises to cultivate the leather and the mind. This activity can be done in a park or being part of a yoga club. If you haven’t tried it, why not give it a go?

Take advantage of any occasion to try new activities (Energizing the Family)

Birthdays, weekends or holidays are always a good idea to try a new sport or activity. Games like Charades, Twister or a family obstacle race, are great to try to start this family fitness wave. Camping, mountain climbing or exciting water activities can all be great fun. Let your imagination fly!

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